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life with father guest pinner

life with father guest pinner

life with father guest pinnerLife with Father repins via | via | via

In the 1947 film version of Clarence Day Jr’s novel Life with Father, William Powell plays the ridiculous, yet wise, often irate, yet quickly made gentle, father of the Day family and a perfect muse for a modern Father’s Day. Clarence Day is an ambitious financier on Wall Street and is something of a faux tyrant in his household, for his wife Vinnie and four sons have learned that underneath his irate and buttoned-up exterior, he’s something of a loving, gentle soul, adoring his wife and unfailingly proud of his sons. If anyone could make pinning a masculine past-time, I’m pretty sure Clarence Day would be the man sophisticated enough to pull it off.

If you’ve noticed a trend from my last few guest pinners, local milk is one of my new favs for pinterest-pinning-pros. She’s got such an organic yet vintage style among her boards that is quite alluring!

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Reel Women: Desk Set

desk set1. Derah Blouse | 2. Leather obi belt | 3. Pencil Skirt | 4. Macey Pump | 5. Desk Set via

I’m going back to school.

*initiate gusty sighs, pouty face, empty wallet, angry-future-study-sessions* As much as I didn’t want to, and as much as it feels like this decision is propelling me backwards instead of forwards from my  final first college graduation…I am doing it. And, as much as I hated announcing that decision, because, by announcing it, it made it real, I’m actually rather relieved at again having a “plan.” Besides all of that, no longer being an undergrad also lends a tinge of sophistication to student-hood. I reiterate incessantly to myself that tiny compound word that makes being this type of student somehow better: “post-grad, post-grad, post-grad, (it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok).”

If I’m really honest with myself, I actually really love being a student anyway. After I had finally made the ultimate decision and even went so far as to meet with an adviser, I walked into a bookstore that same afternoon and the smell of coffee, the aura of quiet, and the sense of studiousness brought a wave of nostalgia back from my very recent undergrad years when, despite all my huffing and puffing, complaining and moaning, there were moments (just moments, ok?) during personal study sessions where I was unimaginably happy. In some way, you may call it sick, and I may agree with you, but I thrive off of creating study guides, examining meaning from snippets of reading, meeting the challenge of my own expectations, and checking off classes from my degree plan with a little tingle at every check-mark.

So, it’s true, I’m returning to school and again becoming one of the desk set—and, don’t misunderstand, I’m already looking forward to my last day of my last class– but, in the meantime, I’m going to tackle this new goal, embrace this rediscovered study-head, and not stop wearing pencil skirts for, student or not, the first thing you notice in a person is “whether the person is a male or female” and I have no desire to confuse that impression.

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Reel Women: Please Don’t Eat the Daisies

please don't eat the daisies

1. wallis white blouse | 2. polka dot scarf | 3. charlotte street yellow kate spade  | 4. alice and olivia 5 pocket skinny jean | 5. darby printed loafers | doris day image via

In the 1960 movie version of the novel, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Doris Day is a rather frustrated housewife whose once family-guy husband is quickly becoming an aloof, career man when his drama-critic job suddenly blossoms. While the now famous James Mckay (David Niven) is being seduced by actresses, celebrated at fancy cocktail parties, and heralded at posh, New York clubs, his wife Kay (Doris Day) charges ahead with their former dream of moving to the country to give their four boys a better life than stuck-in-an-apartment, city-life.

Of course, because it’s a Doris Day movie, though she has four children, a huge fluffy dog, is fixing up a run-down country house with her mother-in-law, trying to win her husband back, volunteering to sing/dance in a country show to raise money for the school…she always looks perfect. Ridiculous? yes. Unrealistic? of course. But do we love it? YES. Seeing reality reflected in films, tv, and magazines is a new phenomenon that I don’t really understand. I see reality 22 hours of the day, everyday, for the two hours I might set aside for a movie, I want somethin’ fantastically unrealistic. No one looks up to reality or strives for reality. Reality just happens. Doris Day? There’s something wonderfully unreal about her and that’s something to dress up for.

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Guest-Pinner: If Anne of Green Gables Pinned

vmmv collage repins via pinterest

vmmv collage repins via pinterest

vmmv collage repins via pinterestAnne Shirley, heroine of L.M. Montgomery’s series Anne of Green Gables is impossible not to adore. Her ridiculous quotes, fantastic romantic ideas about life, and hyperbolized emotion are so endearing…I’m pretty sure her pinterest boards would be just as adorable. If you’ve read the novel, you know that the poor girl was constantly embroiled in a battle with her red hair. Tortured by her future love interest Gilbert Blythe, who dubbed young Anne “carrots,” Anne wanted nothing more than to transform her fiery mane into something more sophisticated. I think she would definitely take advantage of the blog-world’s explosion of hair tutorials to try and come to terms with her unusual, natural look.

Always the Plain Jane, Anne longed to be beautiful and wealthy, even quizzing whoever would listen to her whether, if they had the choice of course, they would be “divinely beautiful or dazzlingly clever or angelically good?” The biggest ambition of her young life was to go to a ball in a dress with puffed sleeves and have Gilbert Blythe admire her in all her puffed glory. Of course, Anne learns that Gilbert loves her for her red hair, that she is admired for striving to be a teacher when most women only married and had children, and no one expected her to be “angelically good,” only to be simply Anne with an “e”—completely unique. If Anne of Green Gables pinned, her boards would definitely be something to see.

People laugh at me because I use big words. But if you have big ideas, you have to use big words to express them, haven’t you?

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Something about Six

vmmv top postsvmmv top posts

Beauty / style secrets / modern views / vintage muses / DIY / the clutch

It’s officially the 6th month-aversary of VMMV. I don’t quite know how that happened. I remember before launching the blog spending an embarrassingly long time just trying to figure out a title I wanted to give this little piece of internet-space and now 6 months later here we are. I have to say it’s been a more frustrating 6 months than I anticipated. There are many things I wish I could do with this space that I simply cannot do because of my lack of knowledge about necessary, blog-techy things that are too boring to write about. But, let’s just say, if I had the cash to drop on a brilliant, 19 year-old CSS-coder I wouldn’t think about it for more than 2 seconds, I would so drop that cash in an instant.

As it is, I don’t have that luxury and at the moment I’m going to patiently let this place evolve instead of pushing the limits of my anti-savy-ness before I’m ready because I’ve read enough articles to foresee a huge blog-crash-and-burn if I were to take that leap of faith. In cases such as these, I think it might be safer to lack a little faith.

In the meantime, it’s always kind of surprising the posts you all enjoy. I have to say I’m rather crestfallen sometimes when a particular, personal fave isn’t very popular. *sigh* its the ever-present writer-ego that is constantly battered and bruised. So to console myself, I’m posting the top six posts with the highest readership, and my own top picks…just because. As always, THANK-YOU for reading, commenting, and re-posting!

vmmv top 6 picks

Beauty / Recipes / modern views / vintage muses / diy / linen closet

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Sweater Girls

sweater girls

In the 1940’s and ’50’s, the first conical or “bullet bra” emerged, which was the first bra to boast what we would call an underwire, and what the 1950’s dubbed as a sex symbol. Women and celebrities like Lana Turner and Jane Russell began to sport these bras under tight-fitting sweaters, and thus the term “sweater girl” was born. The term and the look became so popular, there were even “Sweater Queen Contests,” where women lined up in their bullet bras, cardigans, and pencil skirts to be judged much like a modern pageant. Pretty crazy, yes? If you’re curious, take a look at this video: Sweater Queen Contest. I got quite the laugh. There aren’t Sweater Queen Contests anymore, although, I think those might be a bit more interesting than modern pageants, but flash forward to the September 2010 issue of Vogue, and it seems as if love for the Sweater Girl just keeps coming back.

September 2010 Vogue Sweater Girl issue

Bra technology has advanced a bit from the conical days (thank goodness!) but the Sweater Girl look has a casual elegance that is both sexy and timeless in 1950, 2010, and now, 2013. Take a look at my picks for donning some sweaters this season:

vintage sweater girl outfit

LACQUERED Bow Studs | Patent Bow waist Belt |Piece of my Heart Heel | Knit Cardigan | Honeycomb Sweater Skirt | Vintage Clutch | Mister Fox Graphic illustration

sweater dress

Kate Spade Careen Glasses | Skinny Mini Bow Bangle | Iris bow flats | Camel Sweater Dress | Trench COat

sweater suit

Wool Tweed Jackson Pencil Skirt |Femme Vega Short Cardigan | Layered Pearls | tahari Alexa Suede Pump | Vintage French leather handbag |Pair of Vintage Birds

So many ways to look so good by wearing possibly the most comfortable item in your closet. No wonder we’ve loved the Sweater Girl for sixty years and counting: she’s always chic, so adorable, quietly sexy, and the perfect vintage muse to make your modern closet work hard at keeping you looking good–while you don’t have to.

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sources: Vogue images via| clothing pics via polyvore, forever21, Etsy, Kate Spade, DSW, shopruche | Jane russell, Lana turner images via |VMMV original collages

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