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mothers day vmmvHappy Mother’s Day Week to all of you lovely mothers, but most especially to my own dearest, most beautiful mother. She has always been and always will be my number one lady to look up to, admire, try (very hard) to be like, and look forward to laughing with. I’ve never seen such a tiny woman have so much power: power to love, to teach, to lead, to be content, to follow when necessary, to endure, to create, to learn, to adapt, and to be forever and always my incredible mother. I know everyone thinks that their mum is the world’s best mum, and I’m ever so glad that they do, but I am also happy to announce that I’m sorry, but I think I still have everyone beat. Love you mum.

– <3 A. 

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 I think I love Mothers Day even more than my own mother because it’s the only day you are frowned upon if you aren’t seen getting a pedicure, drinking far too large of sweet coffee beverages, and drifting through a day doing all things feminine. I can’t speak for the gentlemen who speed off to the card-aisle hours before their mom-date, but for me, I thoroughly enjoy my mommy-time.

– <3 A.