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handwritten recipes

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about handwritten recipes. Complete with jam stains, a coffee cup ring, embedded crumbs and fading ink, handwritten recipe cards can instantly transport you to another time and another kitchen. Of course, we now have a sort of digital recipe book with the wonderful world of endless online recipes and the Food Network’s monopoly on thousands if not millions of recipes available for almost any meal you’re craving at the click of a search button. Yet, after spending a recent Saturday afternoon clicking through 1036 Google results for a recipe I recently liked, made, and promptly forgot where I found the directions, I decided I was going to bring handwritten recipes back to my kitchen and end these ridiculous, time-sucking searches.

handwritten recipes

Of course keeping it simple is the whole point of this project. Modern options of endless creativity are fabulous but don’t you ever get sick of them? Don’t you ever just want to do it the old-fashioned plain way? In honor of simplicity, I was going to just use index cards but I remembered my Vintage Tea Party book had beautiful, free printables available (print them here) that were perfect to feature the title of whatever recipe I was working on, so I decided to get just a little fancy and use them as my template:
handwritten recipesA very wonderful friend gave me a vintage writing set complete with dipping ink and a fountain pen that I finally found a worthy enough project for, but of course that isn’t essential, a regular pen would be just grand. Write your title on the front of your card, add the ingredients and directions to the reverse, and you’ve instantly made your own memory that you’ll never have to Google again.

After I wrote my recipe cards, I reaffirmed to myself that I needed to keep doing this, I was rather saddened by my hideous modern handwriting compared to the old recipes in my box. Oh well, it’s a step in the right direction.

handwritten recipes

handwritten recipesEtsy has hundreds of super cheap, vintage recipe boxes, both sophisticated and fun ones in case you’re searching for your own. They also have some great options for organizing your recipe box with handmade dividers in case you’re a bit organization obsessed. Whatever you desire though, simple, plain, fancy, or cute, write your recipes down! This generation is dangerously veering towards leaving nothing tangible behind when we take our laptops and go, and this is just a tiny way of changing that.

– <3 A. 

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Two Ingredient Mini-Pies

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, did you remember that? If you didn’t plan, probably at this stage you’re thinking your visions of this…

image via

…are so NOT happening. But, think again! Regardless of what you still have left on your to-do list, or even if homemade baking never even made it on your to-do list for this holiday, if you have about 15 minutes, you can make these super-adorable and delicious mini-pies:

mini-pies thanksgiving recipes

If you’re an only-from-scratch, cans-make-me-cry sort of baker, you will probably sigh a bit at this post. But seriously, don’t trash it ’till you try it! I’ve made them for multiple parties and every-time, every guest is drooling over these little cuties.

How to Make Two-Ingredient Mini-Pies:


1. The only two ingredients you need are fruit pie filling and
refrigerated pie crust. I always use Comstock for the
filling and Pillsbury refrigerated (not frozen) crust. 
If you're already cringing, I know, I had my doubts at first
too but just try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Leave the pie crust out until its at room temperature,
and then unroll it on some parchment paper and using 
a custard dish as a template, cut out two circles 
slightly larger than the dish.

3. Gently press one circle into the dish. 

4. Spoon the filling into the crust about 3/4 of the way 
full and then pop on the top crust and you're done!
Bake them at 400°for about 15 minutes with a piece 
of foil around the edges to protect the thin crust-edges
and then turn down the heat to 375° without the foil for
another 10 minutes until the pies are bubbling and golden 

 Crust options:

These pies are so much fun because you can do so many things with the tops if you feel like getting a little fancy. Of course, the traditional fluted edges are pretty but you can also do a crosshatch pattern, a heart, or even initials. Whatever you decide to do though, just remember to do it before you put the top onto the pie. Its so much easier to cut out when its laying flat:

crosshatch crust for berry pie

crust cutoutsI honestly don’t even like full-size pies anymore. You can’t beat how easy the mini-pies are, and they’re also the perfect single-serving-size that looks so pretty instead of handing out a demolished slice to your party guests when you try and extract it from the bigger pie.


mini pies

mini pie recipe

Now there’s no excuses for not baking a little homemade love for whoever you’re giving thanks with tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

– <3 A.