Vintage Muse Modern Views: Red, White, and Blue

vintage independence day

Vintage Harper’s Bazaar cover || How come major mag’s don’t have these fantastic illustrations on their covers anymore? Graphic designers are so much more impressive than a celebrity’s face photo-shopped and professionally coiffed to perfection

1. Amaryllis Crochet Dress || keepin’ the 4th classy

2. Bow to Stern Scarf in Navy || around your neck or on your head

3. Polk Dot Bandeau || bandeaued bosoms: very Independence Day I’d say

4.  Ona: The Chelsea Bag|| you didn’t know that was a fully functional, compartmentalized camera bag did you? Yep. that’s the whole point.

– <3 A.

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West elm paper flowers | Essie “navigate her” polish | Little Luxuries bow flats in mint | Kate spade wellesley quinn | visions in rose swimsuit  |  shimmering flower studs

I am still struggling to fathom that we are discussing spring break, Easter, March, BATHING SUITS!???? sandals, and all things Spring but, we are, so here’s my vintage inspired spring fling complete with a few hints of some St Patrick-green. Happy new week everyone!

– <3 A. 

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