Felt Roses Three Ways

felt rose wreath, wrapping, tree

I’m sure you’ve seen the felt rose tutorial spreading across blog-world. But for the last day of heart-love, I thought I would put together three ways I figured out how to use these brilliant, simple, cheap DIY felt roses:

I got my inspiration here. She has a little bit different way of making her roses so you can decide which works best for you.

  1. Start by cutting out your squares
  2. Cut these squares into round “peels”
  3. Roll the “peel” back up, beginning at the center of the rose
  4. Dab some glue at the back to hold it together
  5. You’re done!

My inspiration blog also made a felt heart wreath, so check out her version here. My version only needed a piece of poster board and 30 roses: 27, 4 inch by 4 inch ones, and 3, 5 inch by 5 inch ones for the very bottom. I used 6 pieces of felt at $0.29 cents per sheet to get the 30 roses, and I already had the poster board so I’d say this is a pretty cheap wreath! The final product is 18 inches wide by 15 inches tall, a perfect size for your front door.


valentine felt rose wreath

felt rose wreath

diy wreath


valentines wrapping ideas DSC_0908

Attaching a felt rose to the top of your Valentine gift is such a cute, personal touch of love. If you don’t like the red, you can pretty much buy felt in any color you can imagine. White, pink, or even black would be super classy. Untitled-10

valentine rose tree

diy rose tree

diy rose valentine tree

diy rose valentine treeRemember the Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Tree I made back in December? Apparently this little tree has become my seasonal tree because I think it looks super cute for V-day as well. Just glue on a piece of string to the back of your felt-roses, attach the rose to your sticks and you’ve got a DIY rose bush! I had some hearts I added to mine, but covering it only with the felt roses would be just as cute. I didn’t have any white felt but I think white would be a good option to take this tree into Easter-time as well…keep following, perhaps you’ll see this seasonal tree pop up in another season…yes, I’m obsessed.

That’s it for my Valentines post-inspiration, I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas for DIY’s, recipes, and gift ideas because today is the day! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

– <3 A. 

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Engraved Tea Truffle-Hearts

valentine truffle recipe via the vintage tea party book Today is another shout-out to my beautiful Vintage Tea Party book. I’ve been  saving this truffle recipe for my Valentines countdown, and at last I get to share! How fun is it to be able to give your Valentine chocolates you made yourself and personally engraved with their initials!? So far all the recipes I’ve tried from Angel Adoree’s lovely book have been a huge success and this was no exception. A little chocolate, tea, and cream and I had myself a plateful of Valentines truffle love:

engraved truffle recipe via the vintage tea party book
I hardly made any changes to Angel’s original recipe so all the credit definitely goes to her for these beauties. Her recipe calls for “extra-thick” cream. I don’t know if that’s just a British thing because all the grocery stores I went to just had heavy whipping cream so I chose to believe it’s the same thing, and, it seems like it is because it worked perfectly. Angel also used loose tea, I just ripped open two teabags and used the crushed leaves and it worked just as well. The tea gives a really fantastic, subtle flavor to the chocolates. Of course, if you don’t like Earl Grey I’m sure you could use a different tea, or, just completely leave the tea out and have a simple chocolate truffle. Angel also said to use a mixture of dark and milk chocolate. I went a little heavier on the dark since I’m a little partial to the stuff but you can do whatever your heart desires.

valentines dessert recipeI pulled the chocolate out of the refrigerator after only about 20 minutes. It wasn’t quite set up all the way but I wanted to cut out my hearts and stamp them before the chocolate got too hard. Angel used a cookie cutter for her hearts but I could never find one small enough so I just used a knife and I think I actually got a better edge using the knife. For the initials, any unused, rubber stamp works perfectly. After I cut and stamped the hearts, I put them back into the refrigerator to set up for a few more hours before taking the hearts off the baking sheet.

valentines dessert recipe

valentines truffle recipe

valentines engraved truffle recipe

engraved truffle heartsengraved truffle hearts

 Besides chilling, the whole process only took me about 20 minutes. How can you beat that for a personalized Valentines gift? Yum, yum!

– <3 A. 

Recipe source: The vintage tea party book by angel adoree

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DIY Valentines Hand-stitched Placecards

diy valentines handstitched place cards

February has given me a serious DIY obsession, I really truly can’t help it. Behind Christmas preparations, Valentines-Day-decking is my holiday fave. I love it because it’s sort of an under-dog holiday, we all trundle off to work and school just like any other day, but its the only day of the year that everyone pauses a moment to put a little more thought into an everyday “I love you.” Sometimes though, there’s too much pressure for a Valentines, so, if you have nothing planned, or don’t have time to do a special dinner, why not a tea for two? These hand-stitched place-cards are the perfect thing to say “I think you’re pretty special” to whoever you’re spending your valentines with without leaving you nursing your wallet-wounds after all the love is over:

DIY Place-cards

valentines diy

You Will Need: batting, fabric scraps, embroidery thread, ribbon, thick-coated wire, embroidery needles.


valentines diy

  • Cut two 4 inch by 4 inch hearts out of whatever fabric you like (small prints are best for the monogram initial to show well)
  • Put the two RIGHT sides together and sew along the edge
  • Leave a little hole on one side so you can turn the heart right-side out again as well as a hole at the bottom for the wire to fit into later
  • Flip inside out (“right-sides” out) and iron flat

valentines diy

  • Add initials: this is the trickiest part. Only stitch through the FIRST layer of the heart otherwise you won’t be able to fill it with batting. If it’s easier for you, stitch the initial on one piece of fabric before sewing them together. I was worried I wouldn’t get my letter centered if I embroidered first though so that’s why I did it this way.

valentines diy

  • Stuff a little batting through the hole of the heart until it’s stiff
  • Stitch the side hole closed

valentines diy

  • Cut about ten inches of thick coated wire, shape into a heart and bring the long side up straight
  • Fit the long side of the wire into the heart until it looks like it will stand on it’s own

valentines diy place cards 

  • Secure the heart to the wire by adding a little ribbon tied in a bow and you’re done!

I’m pretty proud of this project. When DIY’s go well I feel so creatively charged and powerful.  I think this must be how Martha Stewart feels everyday: just popping out beautiful things all over the place. Must be nice Martha Stewart, must be nice. If you don’t feel like feeling a bit like Martha though, you can buy these place-cards over at my Etsy shop. They turned out so well I thought I should probably share my success with the masses so they’re now up for sale! Enjoy!

valentines diy place cardsvalentines-diy-place-cardsvalentines-diy-place-cards

valentines-diy-place-cards– <3 A. 

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DIY Valentines Hanging Bead Hearts

DIY Valentines Hanging Bead Hearts

diy hanging valentines bead hearts

Untitled-14diy hanging valentines bead hearts

Untitled-14diy hanging valentines bead heartsSimple, yes? I love this DIY. It’s ridiculously easy but such a cute addition to a wall, a window, or a chandelier for a Valentine tablescape. Use any size, color, or type of bead in any sort of combination you can think of to get some variety in your hearts–you could even string these guys together and make a garland. This red heart was actually my biggest heart because I wanted it to show up well in pictures, but I actually prefer the smaller hearts and they hold their shape a bit better as well once they’re hanging. Just play around with the size and shape of your hearts. The wire makes it so easy to shape and re-shape until you get them to sit how you want. I added some crystals when I hung them in the window just in case I could catch the rare February sunlight when  it at last decides to shine.

diy hanging valentines bead hearts

diy hanging valentines bead heartsDIY hanging valentines bead hearts

Happy February! This is just the beginning of lots of Valentines-lovin’ I have planned so stay tuned! I’m chock-full of optimism for this month, I’m convinced that I’m a slow-starter and can’t really expect much of myself until at the very earliest the second month of the year. I think I’m coming out of my winter-motivation-hibernation. I think…maybe…well, maybe not…we’ll just wait and see.

– <3 A.

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