A Valentine Breakfast

valentine breakfast

Breakfast in bed has never really had a huge appeal for me…something about balancing food in your sheets, keeping the juice from dousing your pillow, and being greeted with food at the moment you emerge from sweet slumber never quite sounds like something I want. But, a valentine breakfast doesn’t have to be served up in bed to be special. When Valentines day falls during the week, sometimes a dinner out doesn’t quite have the romantic, oh-this-is-divine feel. More like, oh my, its 9:00 P.M., we haven’t been seated, the whole world of happy couples are also waiting for a table and I have to go to work tomorrow with this late night Italian food in my tummy…yes, I love you, ok, good, goodnight. Are you beginning to see where I’m going here? Yes, WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY, have a lovely quiche heart for breakfast, and ring in another year of love the simple way. The original recipe came from good old Martha Stewart, but, I changed so many things about it in order to get the filling into my heart shapes, I’m posting my version as well:

ingredientsvalentines breakfast The original recipe called for handmade dough (no thanks, I don’t have time) but I used my trusty Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust. Roll it out super thin with a rolling pin once you pull it from the frig though, otherwise you’ll get too much crust with your quiche and you won’t taste the yummy filling. I got my heart-shaped pie-maker at Target. It’s pretty nifty, the back of it doubles as a cutter, and then you just plop in the dough pieces, fill it with whatever you want, crimp it closed, and bake:

valentine breakfast quiche Don’t overfill the hearts or else you’ll rip the crust. It didn’t seem like I was putting much filling in, but once I ate one, it was plenty of food for a filling breakfast.

filling:2 ingredients

Cook the bacon first until it’s nice and crisp. Then, in a separate bowl, whisk together the flour and one egg, adding the rest of the eggs. In another bowl whisk sour cream (or you could use creme fraiche like the original recipe) and milk. I used nonfat milk to make it a bit healthier but the original recipe called for whole milk. Add the salt, pepper, and thyme to the cream and milk and then whisk them into the egg/flour. Put the zucchini ribbons in a pan, saute them for a few minutes in the leftover bacon fat, pour the egg mixture over the zucchini and scramble for 20 minutes on medium heat. Mix in the bacon bits at the end and then spoon in a little of the filling into the pie crust and sprinkle with gouda cheese. Crimp the pie crusts closed, place on a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 375° until golden brown.

The original recipe told me to just pour the filling into the crust without first cooking it, but I wanted to use my heart-crimper and if I had poured runny eggs into the center of those I would have had a huge mess. Plus, this way ensures your filling gets cooked. Before removing the filling from the stove to fill the hearts, taste a bit to see if its close to being cooked through.

valentine recipe

valentine breakfast hearts

Valentines is usually a day for sweets, chocolate and things, but, a girls gotta eat, right? I’m in love with these quiche hearts, there’s so much potential with them: you could change out the veggies, leave out the bacon for a completely vegetarian option, or play around with the herbs (use basil perhaps instead of thyme) to get a pretty special change from the usual, sweet valentine treat. If you’re too exhaustified on Valentines night, have a go at these breakfast beauties come the weekend, it will definitely be worth the wait.

– <3 A. 

sources: original recipe inspired by Martha stewart | coffee cup image via dianeeastman.com

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DIY Yarn Animals from Target

yarn figurine

Isn’t he cute? I saw him at Target last week and the little guy had DIY written all over him. A little styrofoam carving and yarn winding and I had my own. My version is a bit more whimsical I think, but just as adorable and (yay!) also much cheaper.

diy animal figurine

DIY Yarn Giraffe: diy yarn giraffe

You will need:

  •  yarn ($2.00 for the whole skein)
  • one styrofoam egg ($2.00)
  • one 12X4 styrofoam cone ($2.00)
  • straight pins (or super glue)

diy yarn giraffe targetCarving sounds rather difficult, and I was a bit intimidated when I began, but it actually was super easy!

  1. Start with the egg, this is going to be your giraffe’s head.
  2. Shape the tip of the nose down a bit and flatten the sides so it looks like the depressions where eyes would be.
  3. Carve out a square into the bottom of the egg, this is going to fit onto the “neck” and help keep the head on the giraffe.

diy yarn giraffe

  1. Use the 12X4 cone for the neck of the giraffe.
  2. Cut the tip off the cone, leaving about 6 and a half inches for the base (your giraffe is going to end up being about 8 and a half inches tall).
  3. Start shaping the base. Don’t try and cut off too big of pieces or the styrofoam will snap. Instead, just start shaving it down: leave the base a bit wider than the top so it doesn’t tip over. Curve the front of the base in a little so it looks like a neck. Finally, carve the top of the base into another square, this is going to fit into the head.

yarn giraffe diy

  1. From the top of the cone you cut off, cut out two mushroom-shaped pieces for the horns as well as two leaf-shaped pieces for the ears. Stick straight-pins, or toothpicks into each piece.
  2.  Place the head, ears, and horns on with straight-pins, toothpicks, or even glue would work. You may have to play around a bit with the placement to make it look right.
  3. Make any adjustments to your carving and you’re ready to wrap him in yarn!

diy styrofoam animal

**this project is a bit messy so put some newspaper or something down while you carve, I had quite the styrofoam cloud going.**

yarn giraffe diy

  1. Start winding the yarn around the giraffe. You can play with how you want the yarn to lay, it would be fun to do designs with it if you wanted to get complex.
  2. I stuck straight pins in random places to keep the yarn in place. Especially at the tip of the horns and ears, as well as the rounded nose and back of the head, pins were essential to keeping everything uniform. Like I said earlier, super-glue would also work just as well to hold everything in place but don’t use hot glue, it will melt the styrofoam!
  3. Ta-da!

target giraffe figurine diy

target giraffe figurine diy

target giraffe figurine diy

He looked cute pretty much everywhere I put him and how cheerful to have a little giraffe-buddy on your desk or in your office? Nothing can be too serious for a yarn-wrapped giraffe. I wanted to try modge-podging the giraffe in music sheets instead of the yarn as a little twist on the Target original. I think it might be super cute for a music room, but I decided to just go with the yarn this time around. Who knows though, perhaps I may just give the other version a try as well since this one was so simple.

– <3 A. 

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