DIY Geometry Wall

diy geometry wallyou will need

  • Draw out whatever pattern you want on a piece of paper so you have a concrete image to recreate on the wall.
  • Using twine, copy your pattern onto the wall and secure each corner with masking tape (the tape will be replaced by cup-hooks once you like your pattern).
  • Once you like the pattern you’ve made, screw small cup-hooks into every place you have secured with tape. Don’t cut your twine yet though!
  • Tie a knotted loop onto the beginning end of the twine and loop it over your hook. For all the other “corners,” a knot isn’t necessary, just pull it tight and the hooks will keep it in place. Make sure your twine is pretty taut before cutting and making another knotted loop for the other end of the twine.

diy geometric wall

  • Tie small pieces of the twine through the holes in each bullnose clip and then around the lines on your wall…wherever you like. The clips will be able to slide along whatever line you put it on so you can constantly (and easily) change it up!

diy geometric wall artdiy geometric wall artdiy geometric wall artdiy geometric wall artI’m so excited at how well it turned out! It’s perfect for apartments, offices, or anywhere you need big impact for a few teeny tiny dollars. This is pretty much the perfect wall installation for the hopelessly indecisive too. In two seconds you can clip and unclip your art selections, slide the position of the entire picture, or add/remove an entire piece of art and get a whole new look…however modern or vintage you want it to be!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s finally chilly enough to wear a sweater for the first time in five months and I’m going to try making greek yogurt pumpkin bread to celebrate. Hope everyone has a great, last-of-September weekend!

– <3 A.