September Highlights

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September was…stressful. Every week brought a tweak to my schedule and schedule-tweaking sort of gives me an eye-twitch. It bugs. I like weeks I can count on: good, steady days that every hour aligns wonderfully with my gold and white striped planner that I pre-wrote the weekend before. It sounds a little militaristic but it’s really not, it’s actually completely necessary and works beautifully unless, like September, throwing wrenches into my gold-and-white planned weeks is life’s newest, favorite game, Besides all of that eye-twitching though, September had some of my favorite new chocolate recipes, homemade frozen yogurt, the continued search for my elusive crossbody bag, and a few, fun daytrips. It also had a peek at this girl’s beautiful new adventure, and, of course, a few modern views from VMMV I just can’t help but share.

September was also unusually chilly and I’m so looking forward to the real beginning of sweater and pumpkin bread season, watching You’ve Got Mail, pretending to be Kathleen Kelly, and celebrating a few anniversaries you’ll hear a little more about if you stick around through one of my favorite months. In the end, then, September was pretty great because it got me to October and now the real fun can begin…

Happy new week everyone!

image cred: vintage vogue

– <3 A. 

Handmade Peach Frozen Yogurt

handmade peach frozen yogurthandmade peach frozen yogurthandmade peach frozen yogurthandmade peach frozen yogurt

  1. Blend three and a half cups frozen peaches (coarsely chopped) and a half cup plain yogurt (I used greek yogurt) in a blender or food processor. **I had to add the peaches a little bit at a time to get the blender to blend it up until smooth, a food processor might work better** 
  2. Mix together superfine baking sugar and the lemon juice and then pour slowly into the peach-yogurt blend.
  3. Freeze until almost solid **I let mine sit overnight because in typical recipe-test fashion I started this about 30 minutes before bedtime but a few hours would work too if you start it at a reasonable time of day!** and then serve!

Oh my goodness you guys, this stuff is bomb. Handmade frozen yogurt in three steps with four ingredients without an ice cream machine?? Who knew. It’s September and fruit is kinda on the decline but peaches are still in season and Cali is still not really ready for Fall weather so frozen yogurt isn’t too strange to make. Besides, even if it is a bit chilly wherever you are, this stuff is just so peachy good, it’s worth the goosebumps.

– <3 A.