DIY Silhouette Pillow

diy silhouette pillowdiy-silhouette-pillowdiy silhouette pillowdiy silhouette pillowdiy silhouette pillowdiy silhouette pillow

Having me write a Photoshop tutorial is a bit like saying the Jabberwocky is a researched piece of scientific literature. It’s really rather silly. Photoshop and I have a very suspicious relationship. Photoshop is certain I really know nothing about it and I am certain photoshop delights in closing its windows, laughs in my face when my efforts turn out pixelated, and giggles like a high school mean girl when I can’t remember which layer is which. We’re both sort of right.

Despite all of that though, I’m doin’ it people, I’m giving all of you a photoshop tutorial and you may laugh, you may cry (I do…frequently), but the end product is pretty cute and I think that’s all that matters:

DIY silhouette pillow

  1. Take a profile picture of yourself (not for Facebook, of your actual profile) and upload into photoshop.

  2. Choose quick selection tool, select your profile (not the background) and then cut and paste the image onto a blank, white background.

  3. For the layer that contains your profile, choose layer style: color overlay: and choose black. **you may have to do a few touch-ups with the eraser tool at this point to get a clean profile. I also add a little line by the eye to create an eyelash**

  4. Print your image, cut out the black profile outline, then pin this cut-out onto your fabric and stitch around the outline of your face.

I use embroidery thread to do my stitching by hand. It seems like it would take an eternity but actually if you do a simple stitch, once you get the hang of it, it really goes rather quickly. Stitch your image on the fabric before you make it into a pillow though, once its stuffed and fluffed you wont be able to do it! I made four of these guys for my four best ladies at our annual Christmas party and, unless they were just being sweet, they loved them. The best part about them is honestly how much it really looks like the person!

– <3 A.