Excuse Me While I Roost


I can’t wait to share some scenes from my long weekend but I hope you’ll excuse me as I roost for one more day! I couldn’t get 395 pictures focused into my favorite few to share so I’m taking another day to get organized and get used to being back in a “normal” schedule. Wow it’s hard.

I failed on my promise to keep in the loop with a little Instagramming but by some glorious accident I was in a no-service, no wi-fi, no absolutely-anything-zone for the entire trip and I didn’t look at my phone a single time. I couldn’t check my email, update anything, text, tweet, post, or filter and it was so, so, so perfect. So perfect in fact I’ve begun to toy with the idea of repeating such a weekend once a month…at least the going off the grid part: purposely signing off and spending that time exploring, reading, writing, or just being with a few people who deserve 100% attention instead of a scattered collection of moments in-between Google searches, social media updates, picture edits, texts, and frantic planner-checks to ensure the current week, and the next week, and the next week…are mapped out with dates, deadlines and every hour used to full efficiency. I think escape weekends are going to be my new monthly vacation and I can’t wait for my next one. Now if I could just find a free weekend to schedule another roost…

– <3 A.