Plain Jane

photo via nomadbookslondon.wordpress.comPlain Jane: “Life, if you live it right, keeps surprising you, and the thing that keeps surprising you the most…is yourself.”

-Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey

Thank-you to everyone who stopped by to read yesterday’s post, it was, to date, VMMV’s most popular post! It always surprises me what readers do and don’t like, I guess Jane’s right, life, blogging, and writing just keep surprising you if you do it right.

Plain Jane

Plain Jane: “Life seems to be a quick succession of busy nothings”

Jane Austen in Mansfield Park

By Tuesday, this feeling has definitely gotten its tight grasp upon me. I guess it is not a new phenomenon though, for Jane felt it as well. She seemed to find joy and contentment in her busy nothings however, or, at least had the lightheartedness to laugh at them.