April: highlights



1. easter / 2. blog anniversary / 3. fabric scrap lamp shade / 4. streamer bouquet  5. fabric frames / 6. dancer diaries

 April sure swooshed by didn’t it? It was just Easter and now suddenly it’s almost May. Here’s the top six highlights from the month. April was absolutely gorgeous but I’m super excited for May because I have some potentially huge and potentially wonderful changes to VMMV on the horizon. Stay tuned! May just may be bringing bigger and better things.

– <3 A. 

Favorite Things: Gift Ideas

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been writing about it so the headlines about gender roles, women in the workplace, and the ongoing battle-of-the-sexes talks jump out at me more, but it seems like lately, for whatever reason, this topic has leaped to the top of social issues.

Putting all the debate aside though, and regardless of what side of the battle you’re on, I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly give up on, hide, suppress, or ignore one’s femininity. So, in honor of being a girl, and in the hopes of offering a few gift ideas for the ever-nearing Christmas Day (eeek! Yes, I still need to shop too), here’s a few of my favorite things about being, simply, a woman:


1. Petite cherie camera strap by Bloom theory |2. renewed nostalgia lace skirt

gifts via shoperuche.com

3. famous frocks pattern dress making book | 4. Ma petite knit shoes and english breakfast tea for one set

shopruche.com gifts

5. The little guide to vintage shopping by melody fortier and joan bow flats in nude

gift ideas

6. customized typewriter key cufflinks and Men’s tie chevron neckties | 7. By the creek ruffled scarf in mustard

Hopefully you get lots of your favorite things this Christmas, or, at least get some lovely lady (or a fine fella) in your life something that suits them. These are just a few of my favorite things from Shop Ruche  and Etsy’s men’s collections, check them out if you’re hitting a wall in the idea-room, they’ve got so many adorably-unique and vintage-inspired things for everyone you can imagine. Happy weekend everyone!

    -<3 A.

Sew Busy

vintage sewing imageThis week free-time has become sew-time. Some more orders came in for my aprons and it’s been quite the job to fulfill them! I’m loving it though. It’s so much fun to see what combinations look good together, searching through yards of trim for some vintage-inspired laces, and making people’s visions come to life.

I was super-excited when a customer suggested some periwinkle, purples, blues, and corals for a half-apron. It’s such a lovely combination:

vintage fabrics -photo by alexandrialvintage fabrics

This one will be on it’s way to Chicago as soon as I’m finished. I’ve also been on a red-obsession after finding some gems earlier this week…

vintage aprons…and, I finally paired my custom mod-cat fabric I created with some blues, black and whites, and it turned out so cute! It might be my new fave:

vintage custom aprons

custom vintage inspired aprons

As always, any bottom can be snapped on to any top to create a totally different look. I also have two different sizes now! If you’re thinking of one as a gift for Christmas or maybe a gift to yourself (my favorite type), check out all the listings here. There’s pre-made full and half-aprons if you want to see exactly what your apron will look like before you order, or, of course, you can always choose your own colors! The periwinkle one is calling me back for some attention so I’m back to sewing, hope everyone has a great weekend!

– <3 A. 

DIY Natural Thanksgiving Garland

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you’re still feeling desperate for something to bake today, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post for some fast, two ingredient mini-pies! I still have lots of baking to do myself so I’m keeping it simple today:

Yesterday, I was staring out the window at this…

Gingko Trees


…and thinking how sad that the last burst of beauty all the deciduous trees show us just ends up being raked away. The color was what really transfixed me, but if you’ve ever seen a Gingko tree you will know that each leaf looks rather like a butterfly and I suddenly had the idea to string them together to make a garland.

The table I wanted to set the dessert (read: pies) on for today was looking a little un-festive; so I thought the strung leaves would be the perfect backdrop for some natural Thanksgiving decor as a little celebration of fall before the season is swept away to make room for Christmas.

DIY Natural Thanksgiving Garland

Thank goodness I had the afternoon alone for this project because I marched outside to the tree and found a little hole between the azaleas to sit in with my needle and thread. I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous.

DIY Thanksgiving garland

1.) I used an embroidery needle for this project and a little twine. The embroidery needle is thick enough to handle the twine and easily slide through the leaves, yet dull enough not to slide into my finger with every leaf.

2. Just string the leaves onto the twine until you have the lengths you want.

3. Initially I thought I wanted all the leaves to face the same way but I made some mistakes and got them all backwards and then decided it looked better a little topsy-turvy anyway.

4. I decided to hang my garlands like stripes. Its a little modern view on the traditional swag and I think it looks pretty snazzy.

natural holiday garland

gingko garland

homemade holiday garland

homemade garland

Hope everyone has a wonderful day giving thanks and perhaps getting a little crafty with some DIY garlands!

– <3 A. 

An Introduction

In case you were waiting with bated breath regarding news of my haircut from the this not that post last friday…it was a success! I feel much more human now.

In other news, I am super excited to introduce to you a new member of VMMV:

Nikon camera photographyI finally took the plunge and upgraded my camera. Hopefully with the help of this guy, I will be able to share more pictures with all of you to go along with my posts. I’ve been wanting/intending to do the upgrade for a few months now but this week, with Thanksgiving and the holidays on the horizon, it was finally the perfect time to do so.

So, stay tuned for the evolution of my photography! And, also stay tuned for more about these guys:

miniature pies for thanksgivingThanksgiving officially marks the beginning of the holiday season and with the numerous parties that I’m sure are marking your calendar, it can be a little overwhelming if you’re planning on making some homemade magic to mark the holidays. Pinterest is packed with updates on traditional recipes and quick, easy dessert options but it really doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving unless you have pie.

These mini-pies are so, so easy and fast that you won’t have an excuse not to make them. Plus, they’re the perfect size for an individual helping and, because they’re so easy, its fun to customize flavors that you know your guests will love. It doesn’t have to be pumpkin, apple, and pecan. Last year lemon was a top-favorite with blackberry a close second: yum, yum!

Recipe and top-secret tips to follow so stick around!

– <3 A.