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It’s officially the 6th month-aversary of VMMV. I don’t quite know how that happened. I remember before launching the blog spending an embarrassingly long time just trying to figure out a title I wanted to give this little piece of internet-space and now 6 months later here we are. I have to say it’s been a more frustrating 6 months than I anticipated. There are many things I wish I could do with this space that I simply cannot do because of my lack of knowledge about necessary, blog-techy things that are too boring to write about. But, let’s just say, if I had the cash to drop on a brilliant, 19 year-old CSS-coder I wouldn’t think about it for more than 2 seconds, I would so drop that cash in an instant.

As it is, I don’t have that luxury and at the moment I’m going to patiently let this place evolve instead of pushing the limits of my anti-savy-ness before I’m ready because I’ve read enough articles to foresee a huge blog-crash-and-burn if I were to take that leap of faith. In cases such as these, I think it might be safer to lack a little faith.

In the meantime, it’s always kind of surprising the posts you all enjoy. I have to say I’m rather crestfallen sometimes when a particular, personal fave isn’t very popular. *sigh* its the ever-present writer-ego that is constantly battered and bruised. So to console myself, I’m posting the top six posts with the highest readership, and my own top picks…just because. As always, THANK-YOU for reading, commenting, and re-posting!

vmmv top 6 picks

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– <3 A. 

Bouquet Upcycling

upcycled bouquet

Give your beautiful, Valentines bouquet about a week and even the best roses are looking rather pathetic even if they were given with love. This year though, don’t throw it out, upcycle it! At least your vase and stem holders, the roses still have to go…sorry.

 I’m always looking for ways to organize my vanity table. Even after a “ok, I’m keeping this clean and organized” resolution, give me a few days and all my tubes, brushes, powders, and pencils are a heaping mess yet again. These stem holders are perfect though for keeping all my brushes (they even fit the fat, blush brushes) in line and keeping them up off my vanity surface. Plus, every time you get ready for the day you’ll remember your valentine and whatever flora he brought you back on the 14th. youwillneedhow tosteps


  1. Wrap the wire around each stem holder until you have four little circles in a square-like layout.
  2. Wrap the wire around the center of the four circles for stability and then bring the long end down in a little curl. This is going to be what sticks into your vase.
  3. Insert the stem holders through the wire circles.
  4. Insert the wire with the stem holders into the empty vase and you’re done!

diy makeup brush organizer

vanity organization

I think it’s pretty nifty and I’m almost certain this is going to cure my vanity-table mess…almost.

– <3 A.

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Dancer Diaries: Things I Learned from the Stage (part two)

photo by vince trupsin at elevation studios

Today I have for all of you part two of my “Dancer Diaries” series thanks to one of my dearest friends and fellow dancers. When I asked her to share some of the wisdom she’s learned from her years of being a dancer that would translate into the everyday life of an everyday girl, she sweetly agreed. So, here’s something she learned from the stage, in her own words:  carolinehanleyguestpost

One of the most significant lifestyle changes I’ve made since joining a professional company is being more conscientious of my health. And you don’t have to be a dancer to take care of your body, it’s essential no matter what you do: whether you’re a student, starting in a budding career, or entrenched in a busy lifestyle. Your health is one of those things many of us take for granted, which makes it so easy to forget about until something goes wrong! As a dancer, I rely on my body to function flawlessly during rehearsals and I’ve learned I need to put in the energy for upkeep in order to make that happen.

A big misconception about dance is that dancers are much like the model stereotype…we don’t eat! While eating disorders are a real problem in the dance world, dancers are athletes and we can’t perform well if we don’t eat well!

First things first – be aware of what you eat. I’m not saying you need to skip out on dessert and dive into a heavy-duty diet, but just think about what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner…and all those snacks in between. It’s easy to mindlessly make your way through a bag or two of chips, but stopping to think about what you’re eating can help bring more balance to your diet.

I started my health-kick with the simple things — snacks. Switching my chocolate-covered peanuts for a healthier option was easy for me to do, and still allows me to enjoy my five-meat, extra cheese pizza guilt-free. Here are some delicious and surprisingly healthy snacks I’ve grown to love when I’m on the go:


(Check out the recipe for the Southwestern Quinoa salad here)

Raw bell peppers aren’t probably at the top of your list for yummy snacks, but I’ve discovered that making small changes makes a BIG difference in my mood and how my body feels. As a dancer, I need my body to be strong, limber, and full of energy, even when I’m sitting at my desk at work I want to feel energized. There’s no way to procrastinate when it comes to your health (unfortunately!) and taking care of your body, exercising, and eating smarter is a great way to prove that you are your top priority! So, snack healthy! It can help you no matter where your life “stage” may be.


Dance Photos via

– <3 C.

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Nailed It

Happy Monday everyone! It’s finally December and I’m in full holiday-swing. The Christmas tree went up this weekend, my Brenda Lee holiday Pandora station has begun it’s nearly 24/7 serenade, and my coffee cups have been upgraded to coffee bowls. 

Since December seems to be the month of parties and pictures, there’s also lots of prepping to be done! If you don’t have time or the extra cash to run out for a new holiday wardrobe, you already think your locks are lovely, and you don’t get into the sudden makeup-glitter-obsession come the holidays, one thing you can do to cheer up your look is a little nail-love.
Vintage manicure photoOver the weekend, I saw a girl perhaps about twelve or thirteen eating lunch with her mum. My attention was first caught because they seemed to be having such a nice time chatting about nothing in particular and it was sweet. But then, I saw the ugliest set of acrylic nails in a neon, sparkly-blue parading itself across her fingers and my mood suddenly changed. First I was horrified that a girl of that age was wearing acrylic nails, then I was surprised and a little ashamed at how the effect of her unfortunate manicure instantly changed my attitude towards the poor girl.

I know it’s been written a thousand times, but it’s true, if your nails look good you feel better, and what you put on those tiny little guys can say a lot about you. So, in honor of my decision to finally get a manicure this week after many weeks of abuse, and in honor of this book…

How to Look Expensive

…here’s a few tips for your tips before you ruin a lovely holiday picture with a sudden, very bad decision to get a little crazy at the nail polish counter.

Shape Up:

Straight from the pages of How to Look Expensive, fashion guru Andrea Lustig says the only two shapes you should be filing your tips into are 1.) The almond, and    2.) The squoval ( a rounded tip with slightly squared edges). If you still can’t let go of the acrylics in favor of the new shellac manicures, at least forget the hardcore, inch-long, completely square, “look-at-me-I’m-completely-NOT-natural” tips and round them off.

Color me Right

Color: the most important decision; a very difficult decision; I’m almost paralyzed everytime I make this decision. On the shelves, almost every color is entrancing: the  brightest blue, an almost painfully-bright purple, a seaweed green. Shining in their bottles, and making rainbows of beauty, its a tough choice. Lustig narrows it down for us though if you’re a polish commit-a-phobe like I am though. If you want to look chic and expensive for this round of holiday pictures, stick to picking within these color families and you’re sure to color it right:

1.) Nudes / Pinks: Keeping it simple is usually not only a safe choice but also a quietly glamorous one: These colors go with anything, small chips are hard to notice and look better longer, and, Lustig says, just like nude heels trick the eye into making your legs look longer as your shoes fade into your legs, a nude finger or toe-nail makes some thicker appendages appear oh-so-chic.


Cafe Forgot

Tea and Crumpets

Tea and Crumpets

2.) Greys and light browns: You might think these are rather drab to color in a holiday-party nail. But this family never fails to look expensive, looks very winter-appropriate, and is the perfect little complement without overwhelming whatever sparkly-sweater or lace pencil-skirt you’ve picked out that morning:


3.) Reds: Potentially a scary option but this shade is very old-Hollywood (read “timeless”) and there’s lots of darker reds to choose from now that look ultra-modern. Lustig says blue-based reds are the easiest to pull off:

Downtown Brown

4.) Dark, Jewel tones. Probably the boldest choice and the trendiest. Lustig suggests if you’re feeling bold but still want to keep your wild side to yourself, put it on your toes instead of your fingers. Pick emeralds, amethysts,  sapphires, pewter, or even a black.

Velvet voyage


I’m tingling with excitement for my manicure. It’s almost ridiculous how it can boost a mood, but I’m all for mood-boosting, regardless of how insignificant it seems. Happy coloring! Hope this helps your Monday and any potential polish decisions you make this week.

– <3 A.