And These Little Piggies…Summer Nail Tips

summer toes…stayed white all summer long. On the very, very, very rare occasion my toes are bare-naked without a shred of polish, I remember why I never go without it. My beauty book told me when your nails start yellowing a bit from too many hidden days spent beneath their polished veil, soak them for five or so minutes in a bowl of water with a denture cleaning tablet dissolved in the water. Besides the slightly embarrassing potential moment of walking through the checkout buying Poli-dent, I thought it worth a try…I don’t know if my eyes took the con and believed my nails to be whiter, or if in fact they really were, but, I think it worked! Give it a try, even if  the thought of naked nails makes you blush, at least you know you could go bare if you ever wanted to.

If you just can’t bear the thought of…uh…bareness though, Allure magazine just chose the top eight colors for this summer’s pedicures: Orange, silver, coral, vibrant blue, juicy pink, baby blue, beige, and pastel.


Regardless of the trend, I’m stuck on a neon phase. You really can’t have more fun than if you’re wearing neon.

**I got to see a sneak peek last night of the new blog and oh my, I can’t wait to share but I’m going to be selfish and keep it to myself for just a wee bit longer. I don’t want to take anything away from the big launch in just less than two weeks now. I will give you some insights next week though on the final moodboard my designer and I decided on so get excited! **

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– <3 A. 

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Style Secrets from: Emily Dickinson

woman in white

Posthumously made famous by the publishing of her nearly 1,800 poems she kept mostly secret during her lifetime, Emily Dickinson is one of the most prolific poets of all time. Known for her ethereal and abstract poetry, Emily was also known for her seclusionist lifestyle and  plain living. Dressing almost always in white during her later, most eccentric years, Emily became known as “the woman in white,” hardly ever seeing visitors and almost never leaving her house, she seemed to take on the ethereal nature of her poetry. Perhaps it was eccentricity, or perhaps Emily just knew the power a clean, white palette gave to the creative mind, but whatever it was, her simple life helped her to produce some of the most beautiful poetry of all time. January gets a bad rap for being glum, gloomy, and colorless. Sometimes though, white is subtly more powerful than the most vibrant red or the deepest blue. Used in the right way, as Emily knew, white can lend a pause of calm, a strong contrast, or a soft touch that no other color can.

dickinson collage 1. Floral Milk bath soap from Anthropologie. A nice long soak in a hot bath with this mix of buttermilk powder, essential oils, and Epsom salts sounds beyond amazing and a much-needed drench of hydration in this winter weather.

2. Owl cakestand from West Elm is on sale right now! Please tell me you can’t resist this, because I couldn’t.

3. Ceramic Fox Speaker from West Elm: it’s a speaker compatible with most mp3 players! Just plug it in and you’ve got the cutest speaker I’ve ever since in my life. There’s also a bear and a squirrel if you aren’t feeling foxy.

4. Last Snow Drop earrings from Anthropologie can make you feel like spring is on the way even if the real snow drops are far from being over.

emily dickinson whites

5.  Peach Cloud Mobile from leptitpapillon is a mobile for a baby of course, but I   don’t think babies are the only ones who need a little something to help them sleep.

6.  Tail Me More Mug from Modcloth has a little fox-tail for a handle and a hidden surprise that will make you smile in the morning as you slurp down some liquid life (coffee).

7. Marshmallow nail polish from Essie. Nothing chicer than a winter white.

8. Woodland Park Elephant salt and pepper set from Kate Spade. Yes of course tiny elephant, you can sit on my table.

January has almost slipped by us, but for many places, winter has many more months to go and I think with Emily’s style secrets in mind, some winter whites could actually do the body good.

A solemn thing—it was—I said—A woman—white—to be—And wear—if God should count me fit—Her blameless mystery—

– <3 A.

sources: for dickinson bio | for dickinson image | Selected poems of emily dickinson, fall river press, 2011

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