Labor Day On Holiday

vmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyvmmv photographyI always forget about the Labor Day holiday, but I won’t be forgetting after this year. I honestly think it was thrown in the vaca-mix for teachers completely shell-shocked by post-summer-traumatic-school-onslaught-syndrome. It really comes at precisely the right time: just a few weeks after the start of the school year, it’s sort of like a glorious little cat nap to refresh before the real Fall grind. I spent my cat-nap day re-visiting a few of my favorite spots from my undergrad years. It wasn’t nearly as chilly as I had hoped, but that didn’t make drinking coffee on the beach, lunch in the sun (btw blackberry, pomegranate, and ginger is NOT a good beverage combination), and dinner under twinkle lights any less wonderfully relaxing. That town is marked at every inch with memories good and bad and an annual trip never gets old reliving a few crazy years.

I sucked it up and paid my tuition a week early yesterday. I had to pick up my last textbook for the quarter and decided, hey, why not pay all the ridiculous overpriced fees all at once? (no of course not, I’m not harboring any kind of resentment.) School is getting way way more real now. My difficulty in accepting it I think is more astonishment at how I made this decision. I distinctly remember as an third year undergrad saying I would hate to be a teacher and be stuck in the school-year-schedule my whole life. What a nasty bubble apart from real life that life must be I thought. And here I am, going back to school to be a teacher and remain, forever more in one way or another, in school. But, I’ve got other plans up my sleeve that makes this step in no way a final one. I have aspirations that, once achieved, will let me continue my obsession with occupation roaming in a little bit more of a focused fashion. I think the need to explore is a creative’s biggest fail yet greatest success: being incapable of really settling into one path. There’s always new things to try, new interests to examine, and that ever present itch of being capable of much more. It’s dangerous if you let it distract you from a healthy sense of reality, but very powerful I think if you let it mix with your reality, pushing you to make real life better and when life isn’t all that great, letting you escape until perspective tells you sure, real life is, well, real, but it’s also not forever, most things aren’t that important, and even in the midst of the worst days, days like Labor Day…days that let you cat nap, daydream, and doze…will come again and THAT is worth going back to school for. 

 – <3 A.