April: highlights



1. easter / 2. blog anniversary / 3. fabric scrap lamp shade / 4. streamer bouquet  5. fabric frames / 6. dancer diaries

 April sure swooshed by didn’t it? It was just Easter and now suddenly it’s almost May. Here’s the top six highlights from the month. April was absolutely gorgeous but I’m super excited for May because I have some potentially huge and potentially wonderful changes to VMMV on the horizon. Stay tuned! May just may be bringing bigger and better things.

– <3 A. 

Old and New

vmmv easter

vmmv easter

vmmv easter

vmmv easter

vmmv easter

vmmv easterI hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday and a much-needed Spring break for those lucky enough to have a bit of a breather from real life. Spring undeniably revealed itself last week: complete with pre-April showers bringing some May  last-days-of-March-flowers, almost 90° weather (thanks California) and slightly sun-burned shoulders to prove it. Amongst the schizophrenic weather I got a chance to see my favorite redheads. Those two girls have been my dearest friends since we were just wee little things and I anticipate us remaining that way until we are old, wrinkly things. Spring means new beginnings, a fresh start with a world looking fresh and new, but the really great things about life are the old things: the old friends, the old holiday traditions, the older family members with the best stories, the old recipes that you never grow tired of, and the people you know will always be there no matter how many Springs come and go.

– <3 A. 

An Easter Breakfast

lemon scones

Just in time for Easter, my three-month back-order for Anthropologie’s hedgehog measuring cups at long, long last arrived and I decided the only proper initiation would be to pull out my vintage tea party book and make the lemon scones I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks. So, with a little help from the world’s cutest measuring cups, and Angel Adoree, I threw together (it’s only three ingredients!) some scones worthy of Easter brunch: lemon scones tomake

Of course, the hedgies aren’t entirely necessary but I am very crestfallen to say that you probably won’t have as much fun leveling your flour as I did.


 The original recipe called for chilled lemonade instead of straight lemonade concentrate but I wanted the lemon flavor to be very apparent so I took the plunge and didn’t dilute it at all. It definitely is apparent but the perfect amount for lemon-lovers! Other than that I didn’t do much to change her recipe: vintage tea party lemon scone recipe

original recipe via The vintage tea party book | hedgehog art drawn by mika

sugarAngel added some food coloring to her sugar before sprinkling and I thought it was a great idea, especially if you had a few different flavors of scones laid out for brunch it would be an easy identifier of what yummy flavor was awaiting your guests.

easter brunch

easter brunchThis recipe turned out so well. The cream and lemonade give them a very light, creamy texture…a lot different from normal, sometimes too-dry scones. Happy scone devouring, you shan’t be disappointed.

– <3 A. 

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Vintage Muse Modern Views: Easter Parade

vintage easter outfit ideas

1. Leona Tunic dress by Darling | 2. Brookmont Structured Purse | 3. Contessa Snakeskin bow pumps | 4. Every Day Memory Book | 5. Mini Diana and Flash set in Blue

I don’t know what holidays would be without Irving Berlin. From White Christmas to Easter Parade, the man single-handedly composed (pun intended) the aura of  nostalgia surrounding the the 1940-1960 American holiday that we moderns still pine away for. It really is quite astonishing. Of course every generation has its trend-setters, but to be a 70 year and counting tradition-setter, now there’s something. His 1948 film Easter Parade and associated lyrics are quite the perfect vintage muse for a modern Easter, a lace dress with all the frills upon it, a clover colored handbag, shoes worthy of fifth avenue, something to let you be this year’s photographer, and of course a place to write a sonnet just in case the spring air has got you feeling rather eloquent. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

– <3 A. 

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DIY Beatrix Potter Hand-Painted Eggs


Once you’ve reached the age where trundling baskets around the backyard to search for hard-boiled eggs hidden just out of reach so your parents can get a hearty laugh at the impossible scramble every year has grown a bit too youthful of a sport, the egg decorating tradition still retains some nostalgia that can’t be outgrown. This is where hand-painted eggs enter the tradition-story: I love these little eggs so much. They have such a sweet, vintage look and are absurdly simple yet look super chic and precise–perfect for the *slightly* grown-up egg decorator.

The original DIY blogger before “blogger” was even a catchphrase, Martha Stewart, did a project much like these Beatrix Potter-esque eggs a few years ago, but her version seemed too complicated for my if-it-takes-more-than-an-hour-that-DIY-is-too-difficult-for-my-brain rule so I did it my own way and it turned out absolutely perfect.

You will need

  • Blown-out eggs
  • Beatrix Potter cut-outs (download the template here).
  • Paint and a brush
  • A wet cloth and a dry towel

DIY hand painted eggs

  1. After you blow-out your egg, cut a design from the template and place it on the egg. Completely soak the design with the wet cloth and then pat dry with the dry towel, making sure the edges of the design are adhered flat to the egg. It may wrinkle a bit but it’s ok as long as there’s no gaps for the paint to get under. 
  2. Paint around the design with whatever color you desire. Stroke away from the design so the paint isn’t pushed under the paper.
  3. Allow to dry and then carefully peel off the paper.
  4. You may need to do a little touch up work but unless I chose a design with a lot of intricate edges, all of my eggs turned out clean and perfect!

Aren’t they adorable? The whole project seriously takes about twenty minutes and I think they looks so expensive and un-homemade in the best of ways. Plus, if you’re careful, these guys can be re-used year after year:

DIY hand-painted eggs

diy hand painted eggs

vintage hand painted easter eggsI’m obsessed with these eggs, I think I’ve used almost every design from the template…in just as many colors…in every room of the house. Happy new traditions this Easter! You never can quite outgrow the egg-phase.

-<3 A. 

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A Vintage Inspired Spring Fling


West elm paper flowers | Essie “navigate her” polish | Little Luxuries bow flats in mint | Kate spade wellesley quinn | visions in rose swimsuit  |  shimmering flower studs

I am still struggling to fathom that we are discussing spring break, Easter, March, BATHING SUITS!???? sandals, and all things Spring but, we are, so here’s my vintage inspired spring fling complete with a few hints of some St Patrick-green. Happy new week everyone!

– <3 A. 

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