Succulent Monogram DIY

diy succulent monogram

you will need:

  • A letter for the “base”
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Succulents (I used “Sedum Sod”)
  • Plastic crate or chicken wire for the “frame”
  • Cut flowers
  • Burlap strips

succulent monogram diysucculent monogram diysucculent monogram diydiy succulent monogram

This DIY sort of turned into a saga. My initial intention was to get the typical, small, rosette-style succulents, but when I saw this Sedum Sod, in my mind it seemed like it would be easier to carve out the letter outline from the sod–Yeah, not so easy. I didn’t want to destroy all the little roots by just carving from the whole flat, so I pulled off individual plant-chunks and placed them on my flat letter. The end result turned out a little, uh, hairier than I wanted–but it’s still super organic and cute. The second issue was the frame: Once I got the succulents wired to the letter, I wanted to fill in some bald spots but I needed a thicker “wall” around the letter outline to hold extra plants. **Innovation!** (or maybe more like desperation) I just used the plastic tray that comes with the flat to cut out and wire together another “L” to drop the flat letter and succulents into. I think chicken wire might be a better option though to shape around the “L” and bring up on all the sides to create a more see-through “wall” than the plastic did.

This monogram isn’t made for longevity, so don’t get any crazy ideas about having it up for days and days, but, for a big event? A baby or bridal shower? This monogram would be so cute! You could even do pink or blue flowers for a gender-specific baby shower or the new last name initial for a bridal shower.

– <3 A.  

Felt Roses Three Ways

felt rose wreath, wrapping, tree

I’m sure you’ve seen the felt rose tutorial spreading across blog-world. But for the last day of heart-love, I thought I would put together three ways I figured out how to use these brilliant, simple, cheap DIY felt roses:

I got my inspiration here. She has a little bit different way of making her roses so you can decide which works best for you.

  1. Start by cutting out your squares
  2. Cut these squares into round “peels”
  3. Roll the “peel” back up, beginning at the center of the rose
  4. Dab some glue at the back to hold it together
  5. You’re done!

My inspiration blog also made a felt heart wreath, so check out her version here. My version only needed a piece of poster board and 30 roses: 27, 4 inch by 4 inch ones, and 3, 5 inch by 5 inch ones for the very bottom. I used 6 pieces of felt at $0.29 cents per sheet to get the 30 roses, and I already had the poster board so I’d say this is a pretty cheap wreath! The final product is 18 inches wide by 15 inches tall, a perfect size for your front door.


valentine felt rose wreath

felt rose wreath

diy wreath


valentines wrapping ideas DSC_0908

Attaching a felt rose to the top of your Valentine gift is such a cute, personal touch of love. If you don’t like the red, you can pretty much buy felt in any color you can imagine. White, pink, or even black would be super classy. Untitled-10

valentine rose tree

diy rose tree

diy rose valentine tree

diy rose valentine treeRemember the Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Tree I made back in December? Apparently this little tree has become my seasonal tree because I think it looks super cute for V-day as well. Just glue on a piece of string to the back of your felt-roses, attach the rose to your sticks and you’ve got a DIY rose bush! I had some hearts I added to mine, but covering it only with the felt roses would be just as cute. I didn’t have any white felt but I think white would be a good option to take this tree into Easter-time as well…keep following, perhaps you’ll see this seasonal tree pop up in another season…yes, I’m obsessed.

That’s it for my Valentines post-inspiration, I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas for DIY’s, recipes, and gift ideas because today is the day! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

– <3 A. 

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