A Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

diy candle branchthanksgiving centerpiececandle branch

Unless you’re in fourth grade and still doing the hand-print-as-turkey-feathers-on-a-pinecone-craft for centerpieces, Thanksgiving is kinda rough for choosing a tablescape. This DIY candle branch turned out so cute though. I love how natural it is, how cheap it is, and how elegant it turned out! If you aren’t completely into all-natural, I think spray-painting the branch gold or even black would also be quite lovely. For this Thanksgiving centerpiece though, you will need only four things:

  • A branch
  • Acorn caps
  • Candles
  • Hot glue

Try and find a fairly sturdy branch that will be stable when you lay it flat. One with different heights of smaller twigs/branches is nice so you can vary the height of the candles you’ll eventually be adding.

  1. Using hot glue, glue the acorn caps to various places on the branch (leaving leaves on the caps is fine, i think it looks more natural and super cute!).
  2.  Put another dab of glue in the center of each cap and place a candle in each one.
  3. Light your candles and you’re done!

thanksgiving centerpiecethanksgiving centerpiecethanksgiving centerpiecethanksgiving centerpiecefall centerpieceI can’t wait to eat around this piece, I already know my Grandpa is going to be super excited about it. Oh how he loves natural DIY’s and I’m certain this is going to be his new fave from VMMV.

Thanksgiving usually gets over-shadowed by the impending Christmas decorating/celebrations that encroach a little closer over the last Thursday of November every year, but a simple and quick tribute to the day can’t hurt. It’s sort of a send-off celebration to the sweetest but shortest season in California: Autumn. I love you Fall, here’s a few candles to blow out before we celebrate you again next year.

– <3 A.