DIY Resolution Calendar

resolution calendarresolution calendarThank goodness I finished this project while still in 2013 because if I believed in luck, this little resolution calendar would have spelled some serious bad luck for my new year. For a project that should have taken about an hour, it turned into a December-long hunt for an acrylic frame that could stand up on its own little leg. If you live anywhere near an Ikea though, this frame would be absolutely perfect and you will avoid all of my toils and trials to show you this idea, but since I don’t live near enough to civilization and an Ikea, I had some serious issues: including hammering out a mirror, cracking things that shouldn’t have been cracked, and figuring out gorilla glue is not nearly as super as it says.

Anyway, ignoring my catastrophe, you will need some sort of frame that can stand up on its own, a binder clip, and scrapbook papers to create a resolution for each month of the year. I’m not a resolution-person, but I love the idea of creating a monthly resolution flipbook. Your resolutions are broken up into manageable things to be changed—one a month–and you could even plan out your resolutions for months that you know you will actually accomplish whatever you have in your head. For example, my January is going to be a hideous month packed full of too many things I do not care to do including returning to work and full-time studenthood all in one week. So, my resolution I tucked in my envelope for January is to read a novel of my own choosing, just for fun. It’s simple, not overly ambitious for a month I know I will have less than zero time for anything, yet it’s a little commitment to set aside time for my brain to enjoy a few pages of sheer pleasure. For February, I’m planning on at long last figuring out a few (extremely necessary) blog details I have been too busy lazy to figure out. If I told you all what I still need to figure out most bloggers would probably scream in terror at the fact that I still don’t know these things. I know. That’s why I’m not sharing that little tidbit about myself. It terrifies me that I don’t know it either. But in February? With my little resolution flipbook? I’m going to resolve all that…

– <3 A.