DIY Autumn Twine Garland

autumn twine garland

you will need:

  • twine
  • acrylic paint (yellow)
  • black spray paint (optional in case your seeds need to be painted)
  • elmers glue
  • straight pins, dowel, and styrofoam
  • large, black seeds (I used Wisteria seeds)

part onediy autumn garlanddiy-autumn-garland

  1. Put two straight pins about 2 inches apart in a piece of Styrofoam. Holding one end of the twine, start winding the other end around the pins.
  2. Wind about four times around the pin. This is going to give the “flower” its “petals.” However many times you wind is the number of “petals” you’ll have.
  3. Cut off your twine and bring the two ends across the center of the “petals.”
  4. Tie a secure knot.
  5. Pull the loops off the pin and spread the loops out. This is only one half of your flower: repeat steps 1 through 4.
  6. Place your two flower-halves perpendicular across each other and glue together with a dab of glue.
  7. Paint: I mixed white, yellow, orange and brown to get the color I wanted. **The easiest way I figured out to coat the flowers in paint was to simply dip my fingers in the bowl and apply the paint with my fingers. Dipping the twine got it too saturated with paint, and “painting” it on with a brush took too long so, get messy and use your fingers!**
  8. Glue large seeds to the center of the flower.  **I used wisteria vine seeds. They started out green because the pods weren’t dry yet so I ended up spray-painting them black. Any large seed would work though if you don’t have a wisteria vine. You could even do felt or paper but I wanted to keep the garland all-autumn-natural.**

part twoautumn garland

autumn garland

  1. Tie three pieces of twine each 9 feet long to a dowel stuck in the styrofoam.
  2. Braid. **this is the trickiest part–keeping the long pieces untangled to get a tight braid! Go slow though, if your braid is messy, the garland won’t turn out as cute.
  3. Secure both ends with a knot. The nine feet will give you about 8 feet of garland.
  4. Sew the flowers onto the braided twine about every 8 inches. You’ll need about 12 flowers.

Done! It seems like there’s lots of steps but the flowers really whip up in no time once you get the method down. You could just glue the flowers onto the braided twine as well if you’re not much of a sewer, but I wanted to make sure they were super secure so I opted for a needle and thread: autumn garlandThe hardest part for me about this DIY was getting the wisteria seed-pods away from Lola:

vmmv photography

She very specifically mentioned she didn’t want any plucked from her vine, and if anyone was going to pluck them, she would be the one to do it.vmmv photographyOnce she saw how cute it was going to turn out though, she was ok with it…vmmv photography …and it really did turn out so, so cute. I figured out six ways to use the garland so stay tuned because I’m going to share later this week…it was just too much cuteness to squeeze into one post.

– <3 A.