Throwback Thursday: Christmas DIY’s

throwback thursdaychristmas diyEven though it’s rather mortifying to look back at former posts, honestly, what was I thinking some days? Last year I was rather happy with how my Christmas DIY’s turned out so in honor of Throwback Thursday, take a peek at some Anthropologie inspired monogram ornaments, an advent tree that can be started any day of the month, and some elegant pearl trees that still, a year later, are one of VMMV’s top posts viewed and repinned. I wince a bit looking at the “special effects” I thought were so cool at the time, and I wince even more because that was only a year ago. Goodness. If you did things that you’re embarrassed about when you were 12, well, you were 12 so you get a bit of a pass, but last year?? Oh well, the whole point of #tbt is to be a little embarrassed anyway…right? And regardless of how unfortunate some of my layouts were, the end products are really rather adorable.

The fact that my abilities and (hopefully) blog-formatting style have improved quite considerably in just a year makes me excited for next year and a bit concerned at what this year’s “beauties” will look like to me in another twelve months. I guess that’s why you shouldn’t place too much confidence in pretty things because in a year, hey, it may not be awfully beautiful, it might just be plain awful.

– <3 A.