Christmas DIY Candy Stars

christmas candy starsdiychristmas candy starsdiy christmas candy starsdiy christmas candy starsYou know the projects you think you’ll bust out in 20 minutes and they end up boggling your mind and frustrating you by how in the world something simple turned into something so difficult? These stars turned into that. But no worries! I worked out all some of the kinks for you and after ten or so smashed stars, and candy bits stuck to every tile in my kitchen, I got it down:

I used Jolly Ranchers for my candy stars but you could use any hard, clear candy.

  • Using a cookie cutter, lay the cookie cutter on top of a piece of foil so the foil covers the bottom of the cookie cutter and then bring up the sides of the foil around all sides of the cookie cutter so the foil is tight and keeps the candy from running out the bottom.
  • Spray the foil and the entire cookie cutter with A LOT of nonstick cooking spray. I’m not kidding. A LOT. Otherwise you won’t be able to get the candy off the foil.
  • Crush up about three candies and pour them into your foil-lined shape.
  • Put the cookie cutter on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Allow to cool for another 8 minutes and then pop the candy out of the shape. (It helped me to take a sharp knife and run it along the edges to make sure they all came off the cookie-cutter cleanly otherwise you’ll have a few maimed stars that aren’t very Christmas-y. Unfortunately a lot of stars lost a few limbs in the trial period. Oops.)

Hot glue ribbon or twine to the tip of one of the arms, hang them up, and you’re done! I wanted to try some apple green and blue stars as well as the red but after fighting with this project for longer than I anticipated, I cut my losses and stuck with the red. They look beautiful in a window with the sun running through them although, I will warn you, if your window gets too hot the candy will start to soften again so perhaps place in a window that gets only a touch of direct sun. Phew, see? I had a lot of kinks to get out, and I did it just for you. When your stars pop out perfectly, you can thank me, and when they don’t…add more cooking spray. 

 – <3 A. 

DIY Hand-Stitched Animal Pillow

diy hand-stitched animal pillowdiy animal pillows

  1. Template. I used this image, but just do a simple google search of “fox outline” and you’ll get a bunch to choose from. The simpler the better.
  2. Fabric. I used a thicker, almost felt-like grey fabric. You need something a little thick so your stitching won’t wrinkle and pucker the fabric, but color is your choice, a cranberry would be super cute for December.
  3. Embroidery needle.
  4. Pins.
  5. Embroidery thread. Color is your choice!
  6. Stuffing. It’s not pictured but you’ll need this or a pillow form to fill up your pillow!

diy animal pillow

  • Cut out your fabric into two rectangles (mine are 18″ wide by 22″ long).
  • Cut out whatever animal outline you chose and pin it to the center of one piece of your fabric.
  • Using the embroidery thread, stitch around the outline of the template. After I pulled my template off, I went back and added a few details like the tail, eye, and ear.

diy hand-stitched animal pillows

  • After you’ve finished outlining your animal, put the right sides of the fabric together and stitch around the edges to make your pillow. **Don’t forget to leave a little opening on one side to turn it right side out and stuff!**
  • Turn the pillow right side out, iron the edges to make it lay nicely, stuff it, sew up the open hole and you’re done!

diy hand stitched animal pillowdiy hand stitched animal pillowdiy hand stitched animal pillow

 I’m planning on doing a moose/reindeer on cranberry felt for December, maybe an owl for Winter and perhaps a bunny for Spring? You get the idea…they’re so easy and it actually turned out better than I imagined in my head. I was worried stitching around the paper outline would be difficult, but just make sure you pin your template down so it doesn’t move around and it will be super simple.

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe we’re two weeks from Thanksgiving. I’m planning Christmas posts so I’m already in the mood and I can’t wait for you to see them! I’m also planning on revealing my rather exciting news that I’ve been hinting at for a few weeks in December so get excited!!!

 – <3 A.