Succulent Monogram DIY

diy succulent monogram

you will need:

  • A letter for the “base”
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Succulents (I used “Sedum Sod”)
  • Plastic crate or chicken wire for the “frame”
  • Cut flowers
  • Burlap strips

succulent monogram diysucculent monogram diysucculent monogram diydiy succulent monogram

This DIY sort of turned into a saga. My initial intention was to get the typical, small, rosette-style succulents, but when I saw this Sedum Sod, in my mind it seemed like it would be easier to carve out the letter outline from the sod–Yeah, not so easy. I didn’t want to destroy all the little roots by just carving from the whole flat, so I pulled off individual plant-chunks and placed them on my flat letter. The end result turned out a little, uh, hairier than I wanted–but it’s still super organic and cute. The second issue was the frame: Once I got the succulents wired to the letter, I wanted to fill in some bald spots but I needed a thicker “wall” around the letter outline to hold extra plants. **Innovation!** (or maybe more like desperation) I just used the plastic tray that comes with the flat to cut out and wire together another “L” to drop the flat letter and succulents into. I think chicken wire might be a better option though to shape around the “L” and bring up on all the sides to create a more see-through “wall” than the plastic did.

This monogram isn’t made for longevity, so don’t get any crazy ideas about having it up for days and days, but, for a big event? A baby or bridal shower? This monogram would be so cute! You could even do pink or blue flowers for a gender-specific baby shower or the new last name initial for a bridal shower.

– <3 A.