Succulent Monogram DIY

diy succulent monogram

you will need:

  • A letter for the “base”
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Succulents (I used “Sedum Sod”)
  • Plastic crate or chicken wire for the “frame”
  • Cut flowers
  • Burlap strips

succulent monogram diysucculent monogram diysucculent monogram diydiy succulent monogram

This DIY sort of turned into a saga. My initial intention was to get the typical, small, rosette-style succulents, but when I saw this Sedum Sod, in my mind it seemed like it would be easier to carve out the letter outline from the sod–Yeah, not so easy. I didn’t want to destroy all the little roots by just carving from the whole flat, so I pulled off individual plant-chunks and placed them on my flat letter. The end result turned out a little, uh, hairier than I wanted–but it’s still super organic and cute. The second issue was the frame: Once I got the succulents wired to the letter, I wanted to fill in some bald spots but I needed a thicker “wall” around the letter outline to hold extra plants. **Innovation!** (or maybe more like desperation) I just used the plastic tray that comes with the flat to cut out and wire together another “L” to drop the flat letter and succulents into. I think chicken wire might be a better option though to shape around the “L” and bring up on all the sides to create a more see-through “wall” than the plastic did.

This monogram isn’t made for longevity, so don’t get any crazy ideas about having it up for days and days, but, for a big event? A baby or bridal shower? This monogram would be so cute! You could even do pink or blue flowers for a gender-specific baby shower or the new last name initial for a bridal shower.

– <3 A.  

The Linen Closet: Baby Shower Project

custom vintage half apronsAbout a week ago, a very excited, soon-to-be-first-time Grandmother contacted me about a custom apron project. Custom projects are my most time-consuming option of my shop  but they’re also my favorite. I love working with people to create a real-life version of their mental creative picture. This project in particular was an unusual one, but when she shared her story with me I couldn’t refuse the experience and joining in on what seemed to be a special bond between she and her daughter.

The Story:

When my customer was a first-time mother, a friend had given her an apron that had a dish-towel sewn into the waist-band in order to protect her clothes from the frequent and usually ill-timed baby-messes of new motherhood. When her daughter expressed interest in becoming the second-generation happy owner of her mother’s nostalgia-filled apron, her mum asked me to provide an updated, fresh version of the dish-towel apron complete with the new mother’s embroidered name, the parents’ alma mater colors: Oklahoma State orange, and the new baby’s nickname embroidered on the towel. After a deluge of Etsy conversation exchanges, some fabric shopping, and brain-storming, I came up with something we both loved:

custom vintage half apron

custom vintage half apron

custom vintage half apronIn keeping with my shop’s theme of convertible aprons, I wanted this apron to have the option of wearing it with or without the dish-towel attached. I placed snaps underneath the waistband edging to hide the connection when “Rebecca” didn’t want to wear the towel, or, when she wanted to throw the towel in the wash and wear the apron by itself. It turned out fantastic. I love how personal it is for the new mum, both nostalgic and practical: a little nod to the college where she and her husband met, washable for any mess their new baby creates, and inspired by the apron her own mother wore when Rebecca was just a baby making her own messes. I am so happy to be part of their story in my own way, I wish them the best on their journey with this new little life.

– <3 A. 

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The Linen Closet

We’re finally up and running! Or, up and moving maybe I should say. Without further ado, I decided to launch the Etsy shop, Vintage Muses. If you head on over to “The Linen Closet” page there is all the info you’ll need, or, just head to

vintage handmade apronsBefore I continue on though, I first have a confession to make: I hate cooking. I do, I am too impatient. I don’t understand why I have to spend so much time creating a meal that, when it’s completed, I will probably eat faster than I should. Baking is another story, I love that. But, when I tie one of these little beauties on suddenly I feel so much more capable-even if I am completely not.

vintage handmade aprons

They’re so much fun I think because they make absolutely no sense. Polka dots with pink floral and black and white gingham? Red toile with yellow daisies and green geometric shapes? Ribbons and tulle and bows? But who wants to be serious when making dinner? I sure don’t, I want to have the most fun I can possibly have doing what I consider a very un-fun duty. Yes, un-fun.

handmade aprons

Another quite fabulous addendum to this story is that your apron won’t resemble anyone else’s. You can have your initials embroidered on and can even choose what colors you want integrated or, pick from fabrics I will post in the future for a completely custom, lovely little kitchen friend.

I found these fabrics and instantly thought they would make such an adorable apron for a baby shower gift for a new mother:

I know new mums always complain about having ZERO time for themselves, and feeling beautiful is never a priority anymore. But how fun to be able to wear this? I don’t think it is possible not to smile and feel irresistibly cute.

Like I said, the Etsy shop Vintage Muses is up and moving and hopefully will be up and running with more fabric options etc. soon, so, keep tabs on things and be thinking of what you want your apron to look like. I’m taking orders now though! I can’t wait to share my fun with all of you.

– <3 A.