Autumn Makeover: 6 Ways to Use DIY Garland

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  1. Drape it: over a bust, around some Autumn fruit, and over a Fall vignette
  2. Wrap it: make a smaller braided length just like I showed you and add one flower for a sweet, Fall wrapping “bow.”
  3. Wind it: around a plain, white lampshade! It added an instant cozy feeling to the everyday, boring, white shade.
  4. Hang it: along with some Japanese lanterns, it looks so cute and festive! Use it once for a party or leave it up through the season.
  5. Lay it: as a runner down your table–on top of burlap or all by itself.
  6. Pin it: attach to the back of a black frame and use clothespins to attach whatever is inspiring you to the garland for a Fall design board.

See what I was talking about!?? 8 feet of braided twine and colored twine-flowers and I got six, bold design-statements. Every one I tried made the entire room instantly feel different. The first day of autumn is Sunday: It’s not cool enough in Cali to break out the pumpkins  for some hard-core fall decorating, but this garland gives just enough of a nod to a new season.

 – <3 A.