Autumn Daisies

november happy birthdaygerbera daisiesgerbera daisiesgerbera daisiesMy mum’s birthday was last week but these birthday Gerberas just keep on saying “happy birthday” and I couldn’t help but share…I mean, honestly, Autumn daisies? They’re even more friendly than Spring daisies…even Kathleen Kelly would agree with that.

I had them delivered and I was rather disappointed when they first arrived because they came out of their box rather closed up and sad, with little crooked necks. One night spent in fresh water though and these guys have been straightening up and looking fresher and fresher for days and days and they were crying for a post just for them…them and three of my favorite birthday-mom faces of all time. Today is my camera’s first birthday and I just want to say, thanks Nikon D3200, for never failing on capturing the best birthday faces and the beauty of a few Autumn Daisies.

 – <3 A.