The VMMV shop is being published!!!!

I really can’t tell you how excited I am for this. A few months ago, I was notified that             “Apronology,” the newest magazine to join the Stampington & Company’s fabulous collection of magazines, had chosen one of my aprons to feature in their next issue which is set to come out in February 2014. I couldn’t believe it really; of course, I believed there was something special about my aprons, which is why I originally opened the shop, but to have an entire magazine agree with me blew me away. Aprons aren’t exactly a niche market, and take one quick search just around Etsy where the VMMV shop is centered and you quickly realize the apron field is pretty densely packed so I am incredibly honored that one of my babies will have it’s own spread in Apronology’s next issue.

The shop facet of the blog has always been something I’ve been hot and cold about. Initially it was too much: launching and managing the shop and the blog at the same time along with the rest of my life was overwhelming. I didn’t have time to make either site what I wanted them to be and it became frustrating and exasperating. For most of this year, the shop unfortunately took a backseat while I zeroed in on improving the aesthetics of the blog. When I met with my blog designer to redesign this site, I was even toying with the idea of completely eliminating the shop but she convinced me that it would be better to have a place for it and to eliminate later than to start slashing ties right from the beginning– and I’m so glad I listened to her!

I have no expectations from this article. The fact that I just have an article about one of my pieces is enough of a mountain-top experience even if nothing comes of it. Everyone’s Mt. Everest is different I’ve discovered: Some events could be the peak of Everest for certain people, while for others those events could just be the base camp from which they look ever higher and higher, looking for more, and pining after bigger things. For now though, this is the tip-top of my Everest for the shop: it’s validation they really are so adorably cute, it’s confidence that other people outside my immediate and wonderful support group think they’re something special, and it’s something to put on my desk and crack open to take a peek at the page with my apron smiling back at me whenever I begin to feel a little blue. It’s not for lack of ambition that I’m not necessarily hoping this is just the launching pad for bigger things for the shop, it’s more satisfaction that something did in fact come of sharing my pieces, and for 2013, that’s plenty of achievement for me. Whatever else comes of it will just be blessing heaped upon blessing.

***February 2014 sounds rather far away and I don’t mean to rush us all into the next year, but I couldn’t wait to share any longer. I will of course be sharing again once the issue is published and to remind all of you to dash out and buy a copy! For now though, the shop has a new “about” page and a bit of a new look so if you haven’t checked it out in awhile, humor me and give it another glance***

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 – <3 A. 

The Linen Closet

We’re finally up and running! Or, up and moving maybe I should say. Without further ado, I decided to launch the Etsy shop, Vintage Muses. If you head on over to “The Linen Closet” page there is all the info you’ll need, or, just head to www.etsy.com/shop/VintageMuses.

vintage handmade apronsBefore I continue on though, I first have a confession to make: I hate cooking. I do, I am too impatient. I don’t understand why I have to spend so much time creating a meal that, when it’s completed, I will probably eat faster than I should. Baking is another story, I love that. But, when I tie one of these little beauties on suddenly I feel so much more capable-even if I am completely not.

vintage handmade aprons

They’re so much fun I think because they make absolutely no sense. Polka dots with pink floral and black and white gingham? Red toile with yellow daisies and green geometric shapes? Ribbons and tulle and bows? But who wants to be serious when making dinner? I sure don’t, I want to have the most fun I can possibly have doing what I consider a very un-fun duty. Yes, un-fun.

handmade aprons

Another quite fabulous addendum to this story is that your apron won’t resemble anyone else’s. You can have your initials embroidered on and can even choose what colors you want integrated or, pick from fabrics I will post in the future for a completely custom, lovely little kitchen friend.

I found these fabrics and instantly thought they would make such an adorable apron for a baby shower gift for a new mother:

I know new mums always complain about having ZERO time for themselves, and feeling beautiful is never a priority anymore. But how fun to be able to wear this? I don’t think it is possible not to smile and feel irresistibly cute.

Like I said, the Etsy shop Vintage Muses is up and moving and hopefully will be up and running with more fabric options etc. soon, so, keep tabs on things and be thinking of what you want your apron to look like. I’m taking orders now though! I can’t wait to share my fun with all of you.

– <3 A.

A Project

As promised, today I wanted to give everyone a hint of what’s to come on “The Linen Closet” page. However, things didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped today. Its deliciously cloudy outside though, which means, that I have an excuse for why things didn’t go as planned. I’ve always been of the opinion that sunny days mean things must be done right, but cloudy days give everyone an excuse:

Just think….Slept through your alarm? “I’m so sorry, it was so dark you know, this weather….” Running late? “This rain! I had to drive so slow just to be safe…” Bad hair? “Goodness! this weather…I can’t do a thing with my hair!” And, everyone must agree that as soon as the sun goes away, suddenly there is a general, unspoken desire to nest, the to-do list becomes a little less important, and hot beverages and afghans sure look extra-irresistible.

Despite the clouds though, I would like to press on….so, here is a look at my project:

First, The Muse:

My Great-Grandmother.

I have no idea how these women were so naturally beautiful. It makes me ashamed to see my drawers packed with products I use daily with this lovely lady staring smugly right back at me with nary a blot of makeup on her face nor a hair-straightener in sight and yet still looking so vogue. She’s 26 in this picture and completely stunning. *sigh* moving on. Besides how elegant she was though, she was also wonderfully creative and accomplished. She made her own clothes, painted, beaded, and “I know not what!” (Mr. Bingley, Pride and Prejudice). My mother before me, and then I still use her hand-painted mirror and lipstick-covers she created, now some 40 or more odd years old. They’re fading a bit but so unique I absolutely adore them- especially the mirror, if I didn’t care for my face that day, it could just be flipped over and ta-da! An always smiling face to greet you:

hand painted mirror

hand-painted lipstick

My favorite piece out of all of her creations that has been gracing my room for as long as I can remember though is Alice:

 The Model:

paper-mache Made of paper-mache and standing about 4 feet tall, Alice has been quietly (and I like to think, fondly) observing me dash about my room since I was a little girl and I felt it was high-time I included her. She really is quite exquisite.



I chose her to model what I create because, for example, on a cloudy day like today when yes, I slept through my alarm, yes, I was late, YES, nothing could be done to my hair, I don’t really jump at the chance to be photographed.

At Last, The Project:

vintage handmade apron

A few years ago, one New Years Eve, the four ladies in my life who make me laugh harder than anyone should be allowed to laugh, decided we had better things to do than kiss a boy and drink champagne to ring in the New Year, we could make aprons and drink champagne to ring in the New Year! After years of giving these creations away as gifts, I’ve always met with the same reaction…”you could sell these!” So, here I am, doing just that.

Like I said, I had planned to unveil some aprons to you today, with Alice donning her new role as active participant instead of casual observer to my life. But, the aprons I was working on came up against a very, VERY angry bobbin that stopped me in my tracks:

-Don’t let it fool you, I thought it was humming along nicely too. Then, things really began to get out of hand:

 And so, friends, I admit-I gave  up:

Not for good though, please please stay tuned, “The Linen Closet” will soon be up and going despite any, and all, bobbins that try to thwart me.

Hope the clouds gave you a good excuse today -<3 A.