How Does Your Garden Grow?

diy paper vegetables

How does your garden grow…such big lettuces?? With paper and masking tape, paint and wire of course:

You will Need:

  • newspaper
  • poster-board
  • masking tape
  • wire
  • acrylic and watercolor paint
  • 5 inch embroidery hoop
  • straight pins
  • hot-glue

for the headdiy paper vegetablespaper veggiespaper vegetables

For the Head

  1. For the head, crumple newspaper into a ball and cover the entire ball with masking tape.
  2. Make four, differing sized leaf-shapes from the paper and wrap those in tape as well.
  3. Paint the ball and leaves with acrylic paint (the watercolor paint won’t adhere to the masking tape) in different shades of green, cream, and yellow to give some depth.
  4. Once the paint is dry, attach the four newspaper/masking tape leaves to the ball using straight pins. **this is a little tricky but the “leaves” are pliable so you just have to work with it until the formation looks like a lettuce**

For the Leaves and Stem 

  1. Cut out squiggly shaped diamonds in different sizes out of poster board.
  2. Paint with different shades of blue, yellow, and green.
  3. For the stem, wrap more masking tape around strips of wire.
  4. Hot-glue the taped wire pieces onto the painted poster board leaves and paint the stem with acrylic paint. **the stems make the leaves look more realistic,and the wire helps the leaves to bend and stay in any direction you want so don’t skip this step!**

diy vegetables

Putting it all together:

After you’ve made the head, leaves, and stem, start hot-gluing the poster-board leaves to the head. Start in the center with the smallest, lightest-colored leaves and work outward. Bend the wire stems until the leaves are cupping the head like a real lettuce. This part is probably the most difficult, and it helps if you have another pair of hands to help you shape everything together! It takes some trial and error to place all the poster-board leaves, but the end result is hilariously realistic looking.

If you want to turn your lettuce-head into a door adornment (who wouldn’t want a giant lettuce on your door??) hot-glue a 5 inch embroidery hoop to the base of your lettuce. Wind a piece of wire around the base and leave one end long for hanging and you’re done!diy paper vegetablesdiy-paper-vegetablesdiy paper vegetablepaper vegetables

Eccentric, unexpected, humorous, completely unique and possibly my favorite DIY of all time. It was a little time-consuming because of all the different little pieces but it was so worth it and if you’re not a lettuce fan, other veggies might be a little easier. Check out the radishes and carrots Anthropologie magazine made in a similar way here. Pumpkins would be fun for October, or apples for November, but nothing says summer like a garden of paper veggies and giant lettuces and I’m in love with this DIY. 

**This is blog launch week btw, so, get excited, because I am all a-tingle!!!** 

– <3 A. 

Blueberry Mojito

blueberry mojito

blueberry mojito

blueberry mojito

blueberry mojitoMy mum had her first ever Anthropologie experience recently and we celebrated it by taking away two of these little opal beauties. They’re from a company in Ohio who uses vintage molds to make these fabulously thick, opaque-edged tumblers. Living in a miniscule slightly backwards town with Target as pretty much your sole, major retailer could be a nightmare for some people but hey, it’s got it’s perks, because no one from a big city (ok, normal city) could get the euphoria from a trip to Anthro like I can. Being easily enthralled is an under-appreciated trait.

You know those Pier One commercials that have a little shopper wandering the aisles until a product starts talking to him/her? Some of them are cute, some are creepy, and some are just dumb, but the point is that these glasses were screamin’ at me just like that: “blueberry mojito, blueberry mojito, BLUEBERRY MOJITO!” so, I obliged: get the recipe here and enjoy your weekend! (oh, and check out this post to add a little something to your party drink)

-<3 A. 

An Easter Breakfast

lemon scones

Just in time for Easter, my three-month back-order for Anthropologie’s hedgehog measuring cups at long, long last arrived and I decided the only proper initiation would be to pull out my vintage tea party book and make the lemon scones I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks. So, with a little help from the world’s cutest measuring cups, and Angel Adoree, I threw together (it’s only three ingredients!) some scones worthy of Easter brunch: lemon scones tomake

Of course, the hedgies aren’t entirely necessary but I am very crestfallen to say that you probably won’t have as much fun leveling your flour as I did.


 The original recipe called for chilled lemonade instead of straight lemonade concentrate but I wanted the lemon flavor to be very apparent so I took the plunge and didn’t dilute it at all. It definitely is apparent but the perfect amount for lemon-lovers! Other than that I didn’t do much to change her recipe: vintage tea party lemon scone recipe

original recipe via The vintage tea party book | hedgehog art drawn by mika

sugarAngel added some food coloring to her sugar before sprinkling and I thought it was a great idea, especially if you had a few different flavors of scones laid out for brunch it would be an easy identifier of what yummy flavor was awaiting your guests.

easter brunch

easter brunchThis recipe turned out so well. The cream and lemonade give them a very light, creamy texture…a lot different from normal, sometimes too-dry scones. Happy scone devouring, you shan’t be disappointed.

– <3 A. 

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Vintage Muse Modern Views: Easter Parade

vintage easter outfit ideas

1. Leona Tunic dress by Darling | 2. Brookmont Structured Purse | 3. Contessa Snakeskin bow pumps | 4. Every Day Memory Book | 5. Mini Diana and Flash set in Blue

I don’t know what holidays would be without Irving Berlin. From White Christmas to Easter Parade, the man single-handedly composed (pun intended) the aura of  nostalgia surrounding the the 1940-1960 American holiday that we moderns still pine away for. It really is quite astonishing. Of course every generation has its trend-setters, but to be a 70 year and counting tradition-setter, now there’s something. His 1948 film Easter Parade and associated lyrics are quite the perfect vintage muse for a modern Easter, a lace dress with all the frills upon it, a clover colored handbag, shoes worthy of fifth avenue, something to let you be this year’s photographer, and of course a place to write a sonnet just in case the spring air has got you feeling rather eloquent. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

– <3 A. 

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A Vintage Inspired Spring Fling


West elm paper flowers | Essie “navigate her” polish | Little Luxuries bow flats in mint | Kate spade wellesley quinn | visions in rose swimsuit  |  shimmering flower studs

I am still struggling to fathom that we are discussing spring break, Easter, March, BATHING SUITS!???? sandals, and all things Spring but, we are, so here’s my vintage inspired spring fling complete with a few hints of some St Patrick-green. Happy new week everyone!

– <3 A. 

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Dear March-Come In

emily dickinson poetry

emily dickinson poetry

emily dickinson poetry

J. Crew Summer Straw hat | Anthropologie cayo bra | Tea seed paper | anthropologie helianthus goblet |Rekindled harpers bazaar dictionary print

“Dear March- Come in-”  is one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems, and I couldn’t resist  the perfect opportunity to share when all of us are saying today, “Dear March, come in.” I never remember being excited about this month in past years, but for some reason, this year I’m really rather looking forward to this month: I’ve seen glimpses of the flowers it will bring, and a few warm, sunshiny days it promises and I’m all in. A summer hat from J. Crew; a spring-print, new, lavender bra; a plant-able “tea seed paper;” a lilac goblet; and a new print for the wall is my spring-clean, just in time to have March stop by with all the freshness it trundles in. Happy Friday and happy new month everyone! I’m absolutely shocked we are at the advent of the third month of this year. Time is flying but I quite like it, there isn’t a moment to feel stagnant and stuck in this swift trot towards Spring.

– <3 A. 

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Style Secrets from Miss Pettigrew

miss pettigrew valentines gift ideas

 Eberjey Butterfly Valley Robe | Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts | Ineke Deluxe Sample Perfume Collection 

valentines dessert recipeHot Chocolate Fudge Cake 

valentines gift ideasKate Spade Supercalifragilipstick in Peach Snaps | F21 Barbie Hoodie | Williams Sonoma Champagne | Burberry Medium Orchard Bag in Bridle Leather

Miss Pettigrew, the unsuspecting heroine of the 1938 novel Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, is a middle-aged governess whose seemingly only remarkable trait is that she “had never had the wicked thrill of powdering her nose” at the ripe age of 50. In a mere 24 hours time however, Miss Pettigrew is mistakenly placed under the employment of the night-club singer Miss Lafosse instead of a family with children. And in those 24 hours, the two women find themselves learning quite a lot about what it means to be a woman. While Miss Lafosse teaches Miss Pettigrew of the finer things in life, giving her a makeover, a new wardrobe, and sudden confidence with a new-found pleasure in beauty, Miss Pettigrew teaches Miss Lafosse of the inner power of feminine agency. Though Miss Lafosse has all the appearance of glamour, power, and confidence of a “new woman,” it is actually the fainthearted Miss Pettigrew who reveals her feminine independence and wisdom about a changing world when Miss Lafosse is constantly browbeaten by the men in her life. Written during a time where females were beginning to enter the workforce by storm, throw off old notions of a woman’s place being strictly “in the home,” and wear makeup and lingerie without being considered risque, Miss Pettigrew and Miss Lafosse represent what I believe the author Winifred Watson was trying to urge, or rather warn, the women of her time that, out of the exciting new opportunities for women in the 1930’s, there was emerging the potential of two very dangerous types of women:

  • TYPE ONE: Miss Lafosse: a playgirl who had twisted the idea of the “new woman.” Though she had built a successful career, dressed how she desired, did not marry, and did and said what she pleased, she was still entirely dependent upon men and had no knowledge of what a good man was. She entertained any and every man who was attracted to her, yet could not stand on her own two feet and was miserable.
  • TYPE TWO: Miss Pettigrew: conversely, Miss Pettigrew was a woman who was wholly independent. She worked hard yet could not find her place in this new world that had begun to value only superficiality. Lacking the money and what she called the “courage” of standing up among the burgeoning new culture of fashion and leisure, Miss Pettigrew was in danger of becoming extinct, and with her would evaporate the wisdom, poise, and sense of morality she upheld.

By the conclusion of the novel, Miss Pettigrew learns how to navigate Miss Lafosse’s superficial world, discovering that even governesses can benefit from a lace robe and a bubble bath. Similarily, Miss Lafosse rediscovers a new attraction to marriage and learns from Miss Pettigrew how such an archaic “institution” still fit, and made better, her modern world. For Valentines day, I think Miss Pettigrew would elect to stay in and channel a bit of Miss Lafosse’s self-spoiling. One thing both Miss Lafosse and Miss Pettigrew learned, was that thinking and doing things for oneself is the greatest power on earth, one to gain the respect and admiration of the best of men. If you don’t have plans yet for the 14th, do what Miss Pettigrew did and learn to love spoiling yourself for…just yourself. Besides, Winifred Watson says that “a woman’s first duty is to her face.”

– <3 A. 

source: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day, watson, persephone books

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dickinson collage 2 yellow wallpaper copy         brandon collage

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Style Secrets from: Emily Dickinson

woman in white

Posthumously made famous by the publishing of her nearly 1,800 poems she kept mostly secret during her lifetime, Emily Dickinson is one of the most prolific poets of all time. Known for her ethereal and abstract poetry, Emily was also known for her seclusionist lifestyle and  plain living. Dressing almost always in white during her later, most eccentric years, Emily became known as “the woman in white,” hardly ever seeing visitors and almost never leaving her house, she seemed to take on the ethereal nature of her poetry. Perhaps it was eccentricity, or perhaps Emily just knew the power a clean, white palette gave to the creative mind, but whatever it was, her simple life helped her to produce some of the most beautiful poetry of all time. January gets a bad rap for being glum, gloomy, and colorless. Sometimes though, white is subtly more powerful than the most vibrant red or the deepest blue. Used in the right way, as Emily knew, white can lend a pause of calm, a strong contrast, or a soft touch that no other color can.

dickinson collage 1. Floral Milk bath soap from Anthropologie. A nice long soak in a hot bath with this mix of buttermilk powder, essential oils, and Epsom salts sounds beyond amazing and a much-needed drench of hydration in this winter weather.

2. Owl cakestand from West Elm is on sale right now! Please tell me you can’t resist this, because I couldn’t.

3. Ceramic Fox Speaker from West Elm: it’s a speaker compatible with most mp3 players! Just plug it in and you’ve got the cutest speaker I’ve ever since in my life. There’s also a bear and a squirrel if you aren’t feeling foxy.

4. Last Snow Drop earrings from Anthropologie can make you feel like spring is on the way even if the real snow drops are far from being over.

emily dickinson whites

5.  Peach Cloud Mobile from leptitpapillon is a mobile for a baby of course, but I   don’t think babies are the only ones who need a little something to help them sleep.

6.  Tail Me More Mug from Modcloth has a little fox-tail for a handle and a hidden surprise that will make you smile in the morning as you slurp down some liquid life (coffee).

7. Marshmallow nail polish from Essie. Nothing chicer than a winter white.

8. Woodland Park Elephant salt and pepper set from Kate Spade. Yes of course tiny elephant, you can sit on my table.

January has almost slipped by us, but for many places, winter has many more months to go and I think with Emily’s style secrets in mind, some winter whites could actually do the body good.

A solemn thing—it was—I said—A woman—white—to be—And wear—if God should count me fit—Her blameless mystery—

– <3 A.

sources: for dickinson bio | for dickinson image | Selected poems of emily dickinson, fall river press, 2011

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Style Secrets from “The Yellow Wallpaper”

yellow wallpaper copy

If you know anything about nineteenth century writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” you’re probably wondering why you would ever, EVER take tips on style from a short-story about a room that concluded in driving a woman mad. But, have you read it? Among Gilman’s subtle jabs at the patriarchal society that often misunderstood and misdiagnosed female physiological illnesses during the centuries preceding our own, there is actually a lot of design theory intermingled:

the emotional Impact of your environment

The protagonist of the story is a woman who is seemingly suffering from postpartum psychosis–assumed by the mention of a new-born, the family’s recent retirement to an obscure summer house, and her physician husband’s notions that she must remain quiet and “not think of her condition” of recurrent nervous bouts, uncontrolled crying, and frequent tiredness. While her husband apparently has locked her into a room in an attic to “recover” by sleeping off her mental distress with not much besides a hideous, yellow wallpaper-pattern to entertain her, and a large bed nailed to the floor, she longs to exchange her room for one “downstairs that opened on the piazza and had roses all over the window, and such pretty old-fashioned chintz hangings.” Though she finds herself feeling best when she walks in the garden, away from a room she garners an eerie feeling from, her husband only “laughs at her” when she suggests that the room is making her nervousness worse. The impact her dismal environment was having on her was a severe one. As the story progresses, she also progresses further into madness. Though her husband didn’t understand it, and she lacked the agency to insist upon it, “The Yellow Wallpaper’s” protagonist responded extremely negatively to the decor that surrounded her.  And, it’s true, how you feel in a room may not be just “a false and foolish fancy” as the woman’s husband attempted to convince her. It may be that your room needs a bit of airing:

I fell in love with this summer house shoot over on 79 ideas. It immediately made me think of what the woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” wanted to escape to: a space that was open, light, and the perfect mix of vintage pieces, modern, clean white, and what she described as “old-fashioned chintz hangings.” She sought, and I think would have found in this space, a warmth, expression, and softness that she couldn’t find in a world that left women who struggled to fulfill their roles as wife and mother with little other options or assistance. 

Don’t forget the walls

As the short-story continues, the woman’s descriptions of the wallpaper grow continually more bizarre. After reading Gilman’s short, you might be a little nervous about adding wallpaper to your world. But don’t be! Though nineteenth century papers were rather heavy, overwhelming patterns, the wallpaper of the 21st century is definitely something to check out. And though we spend most of our design dollar on the furniture and items that fill our spaces, the woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” could definitely tell you, don’t forget the walls! they have quite the impact (good and bad!) on your room as well:

image via sfgirlbybay

Anthropologie home decor - yellow wallpaper

**Did you like that last picture of Anthropologie’s “Paeonia” wallpaper? If you don’t feel like spending $148 on your walls but still want this adorable print, check out how I did it myself via this post.**

“The Yellow Wallpaper” is famous for its commentary on the ignorance of the nineteenth century, male-dominated medical community who excused real women’s issues with the idea that women were simply fragile, weak, and incapable; The cure? Force women to languish, discourage any intellectual pursuit, and avoid at all costs the horrors of a woman who would give herself an identity outside the home with her own creative success. Don’t let your rooms fall into the same madness the protagonist of “The Yellow Wallpaper” did. Mix vintage with modern to keep it fresh, don’t put up with patterns and textures that depress you, and if you’re feeling blue in your room, don’t dismiss it, accept it, and make a change!

– <3 A. 

sources: “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Gilman,  Anthology of AMerican Lit. vol. II, Prentice Hall | images via 79 ideas, sfgirlbythebay, anthropologie, adored vintage.

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Mango and Mint Ice Bellinis and Homemade Ice Bowl

Over the Christmas holiday I made a trip to Anthropologie and stumbled across this pretty fantastic find:

vintage tea party

It’s pretty much like a blog in a book. Complete with gorgeous pictures, DIY ideas, recipes, party ideas, style tips and tricks, and, in the authoress Angel Adoree‘s own words, “expect glamour, roses, rabbits, headscarves, foxes, teapots, parlour games, cakestands” and everything that is beautiful about vintage. You definitely will be seeing more peeks into this gem, but I wanted to share this drink recipe in case you’re hunting for a super classy way to ring in the New Year.

Mango and Mint Ice Bellinis

vintage new years drink recipe

new years eve drink recipe

new years drink ideas

I marked this right away while I was flipping through the pages of my new love. I’m not much of a drinker of the alcoholic beverages but you simply canNOT have a New Year’s Eve without just a splash of champagne. Plus, these looked so simple yet oh so fancy, I had to give them a try.

new years eve drink recipe

Mango and Mint Ice Cubes:

  • The recipe says you could use juice or fresh mangoes. I went the easy route and just poured mango juice into an ice tray. If you don’t like mangoes, any sort of juice would be delicious, I think raspberry might be in my next attempt at this.
  • Let the juice-cubes freeze for about 45 minutes to an hour and then place a mint leaf in the center of each cube and let them freeze completely.

ice bowl:

  • Place a small metal or plastic bowl into a larger bowl and place something heavy inside the smaller bowl so it doesn’t float completely.
  • Pour water into the space between the bowls. You can play around with this depending on how big you want the hole to be in your bowl. I think it would be fun to do a square or other shapes too.
  • Let the bowl freeze completely and then remove the ice carefully. Angel says if you have trouble (and I did) taking the ice bowl out of the metal, run a little lukewarm water over the outside of the metal bowl to loosen it.
  • Pop some cubes into the champagne glasses, place the rest in the ice bowl, and enjoy!

new years drink recipe

new years eve drink recipe

vintage new years eve drink recipe

Doesn’t it look so fancy!? I was impressed by how it turned out and it really was super simple. Give yourself enough time to let the ice bowl freeze otherwise it will melt before your guests have a chance to gush about your party-skills, and trust me, they will gush!

– <3 A. 

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