Engraved Tea Truffle-Hearts

valentine truffle recipe via the vintage tea party book Today is another shout-out to my beautiful Vintage Tea Party book. I’ve been  saving this truffle recipe for my Valentines countdown, and at last I get to share! How fun is it to be able to give your Valentine chocolates you made yourself and personally engraved with their initials!? So far all the recipes I’ve tried from Angel Adoree’s lovely book have been a huge success and this was no exception. A little chocolate, tea, and cream and I had myself a plateful of Valentines truffle love:

engraved truffle recipe via the vintage tea party book
I hardly made any changes to Angel’s original recipe so all the credit definitely goes to her for these beauties. Her recipe calls for “extra-thick” cream. I don’t know if that’s just a British thing because all the grocery stores I went to just had heavy whipping cream so I chose to believe it’s the same thing, and, it seems like it is because it worked perfectly. Angel also used loose tea, I just ripped open two teabags and used the crushed leaves and it worked just as well. The tea gives a really fantastic, subtle flavor to the chocolates. Of course, if you don’t like Earl Grey I’m sure you could use a different tea, or, just completely leave the tea out and have a simple chocolate truffle. Angel also said to use a mixture of dark and milk chocolate. I went a little heavier on the dark since I’m a little partial to the stuff but you can do whatever your heart desires.

valentines dessert recipeI pulled the chocolate out of the refrigerator after only about 20 minutes. It wasn’t quite set up all the way but I wanted to cut out my hearts and stamp them before the chocolate got too hard. Angel used a cookie cutter for her hearts but I could never find one small enough so I just used a knife and I think I actually got a better edge using the knife. For the initials, any unused, rubber stamp works perfectly. After I cut and stamped the hearts, I put them back into the refrigerator to set up for a few more hours before taking the hearts off the baking sheet.

valentines dessert recipe

valentines truffle recipe

valentines engraved truffle recipe

engraved truffle heartsengraved truffle hearts

 Besides chilling, the whole process only took me about 20 minutes. How can you beat that for a personalized Valentines gift? Yum, yum!

– <3 A. 

Recipe source: The vintage tea party book by angel adoree

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Men of Austen Week: The Darcy Cocktail

Mr Darcy inspired cocktail

I don’t know a thing that could kick me out of my Monday blues like a little Darcy-talk can, so, I’m starting the “Men of Austen Week” off with my favorite of the Austen guys: Fitzwilliam Darcy. Arguably one of the most-beloved male literary personalities of all time that only gained the adoration of more female hearts when Colin Firth stepped into the role for the 1995 film version of the novel, Mr. Darcy is unsurpassed for his feminine adoration. When I was brainstorming for this week, I was trying to figure out what post to attach to which Austen man. When I came across Angel Adoree’s “manly” cocktail in my Vintage Tea Party Book, called “Gunfire,” I knew I had to give it a try just in case Mr. Darcy ever came for drinks:

cocktail recipe

Dark rum, breakfast tea, and orange zest, Angel Adoree is a genius! Like I said in the directions, caster sugar is what the British call fine, baking sugar, so don’t go searching for something that says “caster sugar,” just pop in a little fine sugar and you’re good. When I served the drink, I decided I steeped the tea a tad too long because it had a slight bitter taste to it. Besides that though, I had this recipe man-tested and man-approved so you’re safe to serve this to the Darcy’s in your own life!

Jane Austen is said to be a “parlor-room” novelist because many of her crucial scenes where characters exchange conversations that alter the course of the novel are spoken in a parlor room. What is more appropriate then, for the King of the parlor rooms himself, Mr. Darcy? A little tea mixed with a little dark rum and you’re well on your way to entertaining even the manliest men at your tea-party.

rum and tea cocktail

mr darcy inspired cocktail

rum and tea cocktail

I think this drink does even the ultimate sophisticate, Darcy, enough credit. I think he would find it more than tolerable, and just handsome enough to tempt even he into a sip. Stick around for the rest of the Men of Austen week, I started out with my favorite Austen man, but there’s still lots to come that I’m excited to share. Happy new week!

– <3 A. 

original recipe source via

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A Vintage Patisserie and Free Printables

vintage muse modern views

In my Mango and Mint Ice Bellini post for New Years, I don’t think I quite emphasized enough my excitement over discovering Angel Adoree so I think she deserves her own post. It seems that Britain has been enjoying her absolutely adorable success without bothering to mention her across the waters to all of us here in the States. Growing up in East London in a family who taught her that entertaining was a way to show love, Angel has at last figured out how to combine her love for hosting parties, drinking tea, selling and collecting vintage items, and making people happy into one all-inclusive experience. In a nut-shell, she sells the vintage tea-party experience. Like I said in my previous post, I learned all about her from my find of her latest book sold in Anthropologie stores:

angel adoree

She’s actually written two books and offers her tea-party services via this adorable, interactive screen:

the vintage patisserieOf course, if you don’t live in England, it would be pretty difficult to experience her custom-made tea parties. But, for all of us not lucky enough to experience it first hand, she has so much eye-candy to peruse that it’s definitely worth checking out. And, you can even purchase chocolates, rose transfers to adorn cakes and cupcakes, and soundtracks complied by Angel herself of some 1930’s female artists to help your own vintage party get into the right groove. I was reading on her bio page that she recently went on a British version of the American show Shark Tank, called “Dragons Den,” (I’m not sure which show inspired which) where small business owners pitch their idea to successful investors in an attempt to grow their business. Of course, they (wisely) jumped at Angel’s idea, and she’s since been able to build her brilliant, tea-party business by leaps and bounds. Since Angel is all about sharing the tea party love, check out these free, downloadable thank-you notes and invitation cards she puts both in her books and here for all of us vintage fans to enjoy.

free vintage printables

I’m quite the fan already and I’m thinking Valentines Day might be the perfect up-coming time to throw a vintage tea party bash with a little help from Angel. Stay tuned, I already have my recipes and ideas picked out from The Vintage Tea Party Book and I can’t wait to share them. Nothing like party-planning to overcome a wimpery winter mood.

– <3 A. 

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Mango and Mint Ice Bellinis and Homemade Ice Bowl

Over the Christmas holiday I made a trip to Anthropologie and stumbled across this pretty fantastic find:

vintage tea party

It’s pretty much like a blog in a book. Complete with gorgeous pictures, DIY ideas, recipes, party ideas, style tips and tricks, and, in the authoress Angel Adoree‘s own words, “expect glamour, roses, rabbits, headscarves, foxes, teapots, parlour games, cakestands” and everything that is beautiful about vintage. You definitely will be seeing more peeks into this gem, but I wanted to share this drink recipe in case you’re hunting for a super classy way to ring in the New Year.

Mango and Mint Ice Bellinis

vintage new years drink recipe

new years eve drink recipe

new years drink ideas

I marked this right away while I was flipping through the pages of my new love. I’m not much of a drinker of the alcoholic beverages but you simply canNOT have a New Year’s Eve without just a splash of champagne. Plus, these looked so simple yet oh so fancy, I had to give them a try.

new years eve drink recipe

Mango and Mint Ice Cubes:

  • The recipe says you could use juice or fresh mangoes. I went the easy route and just poured mango juice into an ice tray. If you don’t like mangoes, any sort of juice would be delicious, I think raspberry might be in my next attempt at this.
  • Let the juice-cubes freeze for about 45 minutes to an hour and then place a mint leaf in the center of each cube and let them freeze completely.

ice bowl:

  • Place a small metal or plastic bowl into a larger bowl and place something heavy inside the smaller bowl so it doesn’t float completely.
  • Pour water into the space between the bowls. You can play around with this depending on how big you want the hole to be in your bowl. I think it would be fun to do a square or other shapes too.
  • Let the bowl freeze completely and then remove the ice carefully. Angel says if you have trouble (and I did) taking the ice bowl out of the metal, run a little lukewarm water over the outside of the metal bowl to loosen it.
  • Pop some cubes into the champagne glasses, place the rest in the ice bowl, and enjoy!

new years drink recipe

new years eve drink recipe

vintage new years eve drink recipe

Doesn’t it look so fancy!? I was impressed by how it turned out and it really was super simple. Give yourself enough time to let the ice bowl freeze otherwise it will melt before your guests have a chance to gush about your party-skills, and trust me, they will gush!

– <3 A. 

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