Bridesmaids On the Same Page

bridesmaids on the same pagebridesmaidsbridesmaids on the same pageIf you ever feel as if you need a shot of humility, start a blog. As soon as you think you’re the cleverest person alive, you’ll realize 500 other blogs have already thought your thought…and done it even better. I thought I was super clever with this idea: gathering paint-chips in the colors of the wedding and giving a set of each chip collection to each of my bridesmaids. Yeah. Its already been done apparently but I’m sharing anyway because I still think its a cool idea and I honestly hadn’t seen it done until I started to pick out my paint chips and realized The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and pretty much ever bride destination on the web had beat me to it. I think its a great way to keep all the girls on the same page, and keeps you in control even if you’re thinking of letting everyone choose their own dress. The color ranges on the cards give the girls a little wiggle room while still preserving whatever glorious picture you have in your head.

 – <3 A.

If Only: Graceful Resolutions

if onlyif only graceful resolutions

  1. How the Devil are YouKeep in touch
  2. Paperclip Dome: Keep it together
  3. Chalk PadKeep a list
  4. Pomdelion BouquetKeep a sense of humor
  5. Backwards in High HeelsKeep reading

I think that list could help 2014 be slightly more graceful even if not for the majority of it. Attempting to be as graceful as Grace Kelly is a slightly ambitious resolution for a new year, but if only this year I keep in touch instead of keeping too busy, keep it together when I do get busy, keep a list to manage all the busy, keep a sense of humor to keep the busy-ness from getting to me, and keep reading to keep the busy in perspective, this year might just be a very graceful 12 months…If only…

– <3 A. 

If Only: I Baked Like Sabrina

if onlyif only I baked like sabrina

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

If only I baked as well as Sabrina learned how to in Paris, I wouldn’t need to cheat a bit with those dough stamps, that adorable cake mold, and that super-simplifying silicon crust cover. Nor would I have to dazzle anyone’s eyes with that pink mixer, those gold cheese knives, or those vintage pie servers. As it is though, those things couldn’t really hurt…If I could only ask Sabrina one question, I would ask if she ever baked in anything not cinched at the waist and adorable. I was thinking something more resembling my baking attire: slippered feet, sweatshirt, and sweats that somehow end up every year with flour hand-prints on them no matter what I do. You probably never did that either, did you Sabrina?

Strangely enough, I like my traditions of preparing for holidays better than the actual thing. Wednesday I will stay all day in my slippers and bake until the entire kitchen gets toasty cozy from baking for Thanksgiving. And this year? I have a new pre-Thanksgiving tradition: home-made cappuccinos from my new espresso machine that I can’t wait to figure out. Who knew coffee grounds + milk could be so complicated? I’m willing to struggle and figure it out for that goodness though. Today is my birthday *eek* and that espresso machine was a certain someone’s brilliant insight into the fact that coffee is a certain way to securing my love. Since my birthday landed on a Monday this year, I was absolutely forced to begin celebrating last Friday. I had no choice. Honestly. So today will mark my third “birthday dinner” and my third day seeing how much people love me and how many wonderful things they do to make me feel special. So far, it’s been quite off the charts and I’m pretty certain this next year will be wonderful with all of them filling it.

– <3 A. 


vintage muse modern views blog launch revealedAnnouncing a blog launch is sort of like waking up Christmas morning and seeing all your gifts underneath the tree and then have your parents tell you it’s Christmas…it’s obvious, right? But somehow saying it, shouting it, telling everyone about it makes it that much more real. So, guess what? It’s BLOG LAUNCH DAY! You should have already noticed that, well, pretty much everything is different about VMMV because ladies (and a few occasional gentlemen)…I’ve upgraded! Like I said back when I shared my sneak peak about this makeover, if you type in the old blog ( you’ll be redirected to this new space  automatically ( which, if you’ll notice, is all mine! You will have to update your RSS feeds and/or your email subscription if you previously clicked “muse with me” and were a loyal follower (I love you guys btw!). Just subscribe again and you’ll be back to receiving email updates from the new URL.

The new space feels incredible: sort of like moving from a rental to a home, like shifting from a hobby to a real thing, like changing your mind from thinking,”I’ll try this,” to “I’m really going to do this” because it’s quite the commitment. In a nutshell, I guess I put a ring on VMMV because we aren’t just datin’ anymore, we’re in this. That’s definitely not to say I have a whole lot left I want to learn and do with the blog, but at last my foundation is ready to really begin building. If you notice as you’re perusing around the new blog, there’s still projects in the works so the construction has only begun! Also, something I should share is that VMMV has it’s own button now to spread around the bloggin’ world! Grab it at “about me and VMMV,” or click here.
vmmv blog-launch-revealed

 It’s ten months to the day that I published my first post on the old blog (totally unplanned and completely ironic, yes?) and wowzers, I’ve learned A LOT in these ten months–about myself and about the whole blogging pursuit. I can’t thank Jordan enough for her design work and most of all her patience with me during this whole makeover process. In the beginning I was a little nervous approaching the whole thing and approaching a big league designer! I hadn’t been doing this very long and honestly was still in kindergarten preschool as far as the technical aspects of blogging. She’s been the sweetest person answering all my questions and concerns and helping me turn my trial-blog-run into a brand. You’re the best Jordan!

Thanks also to my readers for being patient as I’m making this switch, I’ll be learning to use this new space so hopefully no hiccups, but I apologize in advance if there are! I can’t wait to begin again, it’s the breath of freshness I needed and the room to grow and learn that I wanted.

– <3 A.