VMMV Beauty: Makeup for Fair Skin

vmmv beautyvmmv beauty

No white after Labor Day is kind of an outdated fashion “don’t.” It started in the early 20th century when the upper classes would escape the stagnant, dirty cities to their “summer houses” and don breezy, pale colors in honor of the more natural venues. Labor Day marked the last weekend of the summer vacationing season and when the upper classes returned to the city, they also cast off their summer whites–completely inappropriate to face the city-grunge for the upcoming fall and winter season. Thank goodness white is back though because my pale face is, well, pretty year-round. This article had a few tips for making-up skin stubbornly flashing it’s fairness even post-summer-season when most everyone else is sporting their tans:


  • cool browns, champagne, or grey shadows
  • dark liner and mascara (the only place you should go bold!)



  • Sandy pink, rosy pink, or corals (definitely no fuchsia/purple tones and even red can be a little much)

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! I have some things to share from my weekend adventures but I’m not doing any sort of laboring today so they’re in the editing queue for later this week. A three to four weekend to week ratio is really something I could get used to real, real, real fast.

– <3 A.