Wallpaper Me Childlike

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You know those house tours? The “at home with” posts and “design files” circulating blogworld? I love them, but everytime–everytime–I see one that I think I absolutely have to repost and share with my own lovelies, it ends up being a kids room. I’m not completely sure what that says about me: A lack of maturity? A love of the occasional stuffed creature I just can’t shake? An undeniable attraction to pink, or a devotion to childhood that just won’t fade…In my defense though, take out the tiny, tiny skirts, replace the bears on the cabinet with some stacked sweaters and this room could definitely be adult-worthy. Either this girl’s got style or her mum just took over, but either way they got to this design–I’m in love. That wallpaper is gorgeous. An all-over small print like this is usually too much, but in this room it totally works; and the pops of neon pink and whimsical bobbles on the curtains keep those metallic hydrangeas from sending out old-lady vibes. Virginia Woolf said it’s ok to have illusions–even as a grown-up–so I’m coming to terms with my kids-room attraction as something I’ll never lose….I’d just “acquire others” anyway, and I kinda like this one.

– <3 A. 

How to Choose a Color Palette


vintage cameras

vintage cameras

belted vintage suitJuly has been a sort of estate sale mecca. My fav vintage store sends out almost weekly emails when an estate sale is happenin’ somewhere around my town, along with a few pictures to tease VIP shoppers on their list into coming to the sale. **Yep, I’m VIP status and it feels good.** It’s always rather thrilling to look through the pictures and see if this week’s sale is a goldmine for my current fancies. I never really understood the people who shop for fun, to me the store-crawl is kind of exhausting, but for some reason, the estate sale bug is a different kind of monster. I suppose because there’s such an element of mystery. If you go to a store, you have a certain idea of what you’re going to find, but an estate sale? There’s untold treasure there and the hunt for it is the best kind of adventure.

I’ve mentioned it before but my blog is currently undergoing a behind-the-scenes makeover (soon to be launched!). The wonderful designer I’m teaming up with to help me with the VMMV facelift asked me to do a little homework to help the re-design along and one of my assignments was to come up with a color palette that inspired me. Easier said then done. Having a favorite color is one thing, but creating a cohesive palette is difficult! There’s so many different colors I love and so many different combos that look great together but the easiest way I discovered is to just start to track down what colors you’re attracted to again and again: what sweater color on a rack of twenty calls you over to pull it out for a closer look? What swatch of fabric catches your eye on an aisle of bolts? What outfit combo do you wear almost weekly? Why is that clutch your favorite? So, for the last few weeks, I started tracking the things I was drawn to when I was out hunting and sure enough, a palette quickly emerged: A cobalt blue bottle collection, blue and green teacup patterns, a host of black and white vintage cameras (one of those had to come home with me), a fantastic white tufted headboard, an eclectic mix of chairs, and a lime-colored vintage suit complete with a belt, buttoned, faux pockets, a fantastic low back, and a price tag too high for my adoration of it to overcome my better sense. After I looked at my pictures, I went to Valspar’s pretty genius color selector and found actual colors that matched the hues from the objects I kept looking at and that was that: a palette! This isn’t the final one I’m going with for my blog, but it’s one of my faves just the same and it happened pretty much painlessly.

– <3 A. 

Brighten Up


lights from 79 ideas

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  • quirky: a bird-cage hung over a suspended bulb. So, so fun and brilliant.
  • rustic: bottles attached to wine barrel hoops (have you seen the ones made of wine-glasses too??).
  • modern: suspended multi-color pendants. Chic.
  • vintage: a chandelier hung from a vintage bird-cage holder and used as art    instead of light. Endless options.
  • girly: flowers and ribbons attached to the spindles of an old lampshade.
  • smart: a postcard or old photograph attached to the bottom of suspended lights so you aren’t blinded  by a direct bulb-to-cornea showdown. My eyeballs say “yes!”

Ok, so it is Monday but seriously brighten up! This just means there’s a whole lot of inspiration to come this week. Check out 79 ideas, a Bulgarian blog and one of my faves. The photography and design inspiration will blow you away regardless if you can read the text or not..

-<3 A.

Summer Shop

elle mag vintage store roundupelle magazine photo cred

elle magazine vintage store roundupNashville | Seattle New Jersey | Palm Desert | all images via 

Summer? You’re here? How, how, how, how, how!??

I think the most enduring thing about childhood that absolutely no one ever quite gets over is the loss of summer vaca. Perhaps that’s why people return to school again and again for advanced degrees because we really just can’t get over that feeling of the last bell, the last final, the last class period completion, and the three months stretched out before you of complete and utter timelessness. Because, for some reason, though our lives from birth to death are summed up, surrounded in, and made up of time, we spend our lives fighting time, wanting more, wanting it to rush by faster, sometimes slower, sometimes stopping, sometimes jumping ahead, sometimes leaping back yet always, always struggling against what no one has managed to triumph over.

If you look up the word “insanity,” of course the first thing that comes up is “the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness” BUT, the second thing that comes up is “extreme foolishness or irrationality.” Isn’t there a bit of insanity then in all of us? Isn’t it irrational to fight against a system no one has managed to beat? Isn’t it foolish to wish for things that can’t happen? To pine for things that won’t come sooner, won’t happen slower, and won’t slip by faster? And, don’t we all know this and plough ahead anyway? Wishing, hoping, watching that clock, crossing off calendars, counting, counting, counting?

At the heart of all of this time-insanity I think lies the love for vintage: in vintage clothes, style, and furniture there is a tangible moment of a past time. We can’t go back, we can’t be born sooner, and we can’t reverse our own timeline, but we can put on the facade of a different time and within that facade I think we feel removed from a present we at times don’t much care for. In that time-capsule it feels so wonderfully cozy and we are (for that moment we wear a vintage piece or for the time we rest in a vintage-inspired space), so wonderfully not ourselves.

Elle magazine did a sort of coast to coast vintage store roundup last week just in time for the summer season of road-trippin’. Check out their article here and if you’re near any of these vintage meccas, go check them out! I have my own local love but I would so like to visit all of these gems, you know, if I had the time….

– <3 A.