“A Cloud Departed from the Sky”

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fall camp

-I imagine this tree is what Wallace Stevens saw when he penned that  “Death is the mother of Beauty” in “Sunday Morning.”

-A church in a meadow…you couldn’t be more peaceful if you tried. I tried. I couldn’t.

-A bird shedding his Halloween feathers.

-I’d never seen yellow before I saw that leaf.


-I ate my lunch underneath that tree.

THAT cabin has THAT view and I’m planting THOSE seeds  to bring a little bit of heaven home.

 -You wouldn’t know it but there was a bobcat outside that window just moments before this shot. And just moments after, that bobcat seemed to not care for a certain unfortunate squirrel who, I have to tell you, tragically would never see brunch carry on inside that dining hall again.

– <3 A. 

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