DIY Framed Leaf Fossil

diy framed leaf fossil diy framed leaf fossil

diy framed leaf fossil

  • Place: the leaves (ferns, Japanese maples, and geraniums work best, leaves that have detail that you will see once it’s hammered on the fabric) face-down on your fabric with a piece of wax-paper underneath the fabric.
  • Hammer: the leaf into the fabric by first placing another folded piece of wax paper over the leaf and then hammer across the leaf evenly. The folded paper gives a buffer so you don’t destroy the fabric as you hammer.
  • Peel: off the top piece of wax paper, the leaf should peel off as well, leaving behind it’s imprint in your fabric.
  • Dry: the leaves and then pick off any leaf-pieces left behind on the fabric with some tweezers. The older your fabric gets the darker the leaf imprint will appear, I have some from 10+ years ago and they still look fab.

diy framed leaf fossil

  • Sew: if you want, the name of the leaf you imprinted.
  • Frame: or you could also sew the whole panel into a pillow!

diy framed leaf fossil diy framed leaf fossil diy framed leaf fossil

 I have quickly realized that when post-bac school and work get added to blogs, blogging gets more creative about time-management and my solution is simpler DIY’s. This only takes a few minutes and you get the cutest imprints you can frame, sew into a pillow, or use for (gasp) Thanksgiving napkins (it’s only about a month away, better be thinkin’!).

Happy hump day everyone. Yesterday kinda felt like Thursday and I’d be much happier if today was Friday but at least it’s now officially October!

-<3 A. 

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