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Sometimes it’s hard to find time for your own blog. When you have other responsibilities in this crazy thing of life, it’s difficult to justify that you really must sit down to compose a post instead of attending to more immediate to-do’s like *ugh* homework or preparing for work the next day. Because of my time-management issues, I always marvel/envy/ruminate jealously about all the bloggers who seem like they update 24/7 on instagram, pinterest, their blogs etc. They’re constantly posting, updating, collaborating with and launching new ideas, projects, and joint ventures and honestly, I begin to wonder, was I born into the 24 hour-day planet and they were born into some alternative universe of a 48 hour one? Because sometimes I think, I really do believe I’m missing something…

To cut my envy problems short though, I often don’t share things from other blogs because I barely have time to share my own ideas. For this girl though, I’ve got time. You probably remember her as my blog designer. If you haven’t been following her already, please, please please do it now. This week she launched her new design business/blog and oh. my. Besides being absolutely GORGEOUS, her site is incredibly inspiring and helpful for any creative at any stage of their blog/website/business. Before she launched the site, she asked me to join some of her other clients in writing a testimonial about my own experience working with her to redesign this space. I jumped at the chance– I felt so honored to join the ranks of her other fabulous clients–Check out my testimonial here as well as some of the other design stories from the sites she’s had her hand in transforming. You can read it in her own words, but she’s bent on building your brand–whatever that might be or what you envision it to be– and I’m so excited to see what wonderful projects she will be sharing on this new space. Congratulations Jordan!

image via | photo cred: Sarah Eddy 

– <3 A.

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  1. Alexandria, oh my gosh. I really don’t know what to say! This means more that I can explain. I’ve said it a million times.. you are THE SWEETEST. I can’t get over how amazing this is. Thank you so, so much.

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